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PharmacoKinetics Evaluation

  • Direction key breakthrough in traditional Chinese medicine Chinese traditional medicine analysis build evaluation method and evaluation strategy, the formation of international recognition and adapt to the quality of the Chinese medicine overall function characteristics of the research model, on the evaluation of the quality of macromolecular drugs of traditional Chinese medicine.



  • The optimization strategy of traditional Chinese medicine quality indicators

    Combined with in vitro model, through the overall research to clarify in the molecules, cells and the overall level famous qingrejiedu Chinese medicine radix et rhizoma rhei, radix scutellariae and heat phlegm drugs before hu's active ingredient in the body, the dynamic change characteristics and influence the key link of the process of the body and the molecular mechanism; Before the research of traditional Chinese medicine rhubarb anthraquinones constituents, hu Angle of coumarin constituents, three kind of ginsenosides in the composition of the structure - metabolic correlation, reveals the substance of the metabolic regularity, based on the pharmacokinetic characteristics of drug development evaluation basis. Carried out based on the process of traditional Chinese medicine active products found in the body to clarify famous tonic Chinese traditional medicine astragalus membranaceus the main composition of saponins flavonoids ingredients Mao Rui astragalus armour glycosides and different yellow 7 - O - b - D - glucoside, and TCM purging lung white mulberry mulberry skin glucoside in the styrene glycosides components A main products of the body, and preliminary efficacy of activity evaluation. < / p > < p > with intestinal flora as targets of disease prevention and drug discovery research innovation; This year's focus for inflammatory bowel disease in the rat model with, an intestinal flora as target entirety effect assessment of traditional Chinese medicines: ulcerative colitis (UC) was established in rats model of normal rats as control, micro ecological changes in intestinal flora as the research core, preliminary has been clear about the UC rats biochemical indicators, intestinal flora composition and functional changes of dynamic characteristics, including lung, liver, heart, spleen, kidney, colon, such as multiple organ tissue specific protein (outside protein P - glycoprotein, etc.) the expression of specific changes; By synchronizing the metabonomics analysis, we obtain the UC rat model during the development of the pathological characteristics of the dynamic changes of endogenous substances; By comparing pharmacokinetic analysis, preliminary clarify UC bowel disease condition related representative treatment of Chinese medicine rhubarb effect of material and its pharmacokinetic behavior of the specific changes in the body.

    figure 9. In vivo metabolism of calycosin separately and the effect on angiogenesis

    Our research group for the first time from the perspective of intestinal flora micro ecological evaluation related holistic effect of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) established the intestinal bacterial flora and research model of interaction between Chinese traditional medicine. From intestinal flora micro ecological Angle to evaluate traditional Chinese medicine, not only conform to the overall concept of traditional Chinese medicine and syndrome differentiation thinking, relevant to the core concept of Chinese medicine "cure not ill", at the same time, also accord with the modern people's growing health life concept, as well as to prevent health care to the health of the mainstream industry development trend, as a result, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in certain pathological state reconstruction microecological balance of intestinal flora may become a theory of traditional Chinese medicine and treatment system is accepted worldwide, to achieve its modernization and internationalization of important breakthrough. < / P > < P > to learn traditional Chinese medicine and the direction of metabonomics in this year, on the basis of the above research work, has trained a number of multidisciplinary technology and innovative thinking of pharmacokinetics of traditional Chinese medicines and metabonomics high-end talents, including 5 master's graduate students and doctoral candidate 2, a postdoctoral fellow; Published (receive) has the international influence of eight papers (SCI 7 papers, Chinese core journal 1). International/domestic large academic conference 9 person-time, meeting summary and posters show seven, meeting award for 3 m. This year's funding from Macao university.