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ICMS: Faculty Executive Committee (FEC), Pedagogic Committee (PC), Academic Leave Committee, Laboratory Safety Committee, Representatives to the Standing Committee of the Senate 2015/2016

  • Faculty Executive Committee (FEC)


Prof. Yitao Wang


  1. Prof. Richard Dequan Ye
  2. Prof. Shaoping Li
  3. Prof. Xin Chen
  4. Dr. Peng Li
  5. Dr. Chunming Wang
  6. Dr. Yuanjia Hu
  7. Dr. Jianbo Wan


Ms. Hattie U

According to the Regulations of the Organizational Structure of the University of Macau, powers and duties of the Faculty Executive Committee of each faculty include:

1)  To assist in the administrative affairs of the faculty and assist the Dean in the formulation of policies and implementation of decisions;

2) To advise the Dean in drawing up and revising the budget plan of the faculty;

3) To recommend all faculty-level or department level academic appointments except full-time (non-visiting) appointments;

4) To advise the Dean on such matters as he/she requests;

5) To handle other matters as requested by Rector or his/her delegate(s) in accordance with law or prescribed by regulations or rules.


Remark: Applications/requests for special leave, appointment of Adjunct Professors, or other issues to be endorsed by FEC should be submitted to the Secretary.





  • Pedagogic Committee (PC)


Prof. Richard Dequan Ye


  1. The Director of ICMS;
  2. The heads of research units;
  3. All the full-time academic staff at the rank of assistant professor or above;
  4. One student representative of each research unit in ICMS, elected by students from among themselves within the research unit of ICMS, who shall serve a term of one year or less;
  5. The Registrar or his/her representative.

The Pedagogic Committee shall be accountable to the Senate for the teaching and research coordination and improvement, and shall have the following powers and duties:


  1. To propose to the Senate concerning the establishment, alteration or dissolution of research units;
  2. To propose to the Senate concerning the curriculum development and revision;
  3. To propose to the Senate concerning admission standards, the appointment of external examiners, the assessment of the studies of the students and the requirements for graduation;
  4. To give suggestions concerning pedagogic affairs and review the criteria for teaching evaluation;
  5. To propose to the Senate concerning the criteria for constitution and composition of examination committees for the master's degree, doctoral degree and other academic qualifications;
  6. To endorse the lists of potential graduates and degrees to be awarded at the end of the academic year;
  7. Under special circumstances, the Chair may endorse the lists of potential graduates and degrees to be awarded, which shall be ratified in the Pedagogic Committee meeting that follows;
  8. To handle other affairs at the request of the Senate.




  • Academic Leave Committee


Prof. Yitao Wang


  1. Prof. Shaoping Li
  2. Prof. Ying Bian

Remark: Applications for academic leave (Research/Conference/Sabbatical/Study) must be endorsed by the Academic Leave Committee. Signed form must be attached in the e-leave system.





  • Laboratory Safety Committee


Prof. Yitao Wang

Executive Chair:

Prof. Xin Chen

PI representatives:

Dr. Jinjian Lu (5F), Dr. Peng Li (6F), Dr. Jianbo Wan (7F), Dr. Chunming Wang (8F), Dr. Yuanjia Hu (2F)

Administrative representative:

Hattie U (1F), Wing Leong (5F), Dorian Ng (6F), Sandy Lao (7F), Leon Lai (8F) and Jeff Pong (Secretary).

Additional student members will be identified by the PIs responsible for each floor.





  • Representatives to the Standing Committee of the Senate 2015/2016

(1) Library Committee (LC): Dr. Chunming Wang

(2) Information and Education Technology Committee (IETC): Dr. Defang Ouyang

(3) Graduate Studies Committee (GSC): Prof. Richard Dequan Ye

(4) General Education Committee (GEC): Prof. Simon Ming Yuen Lee

(5) Committee on Teaching and Learning Enhancement (CTLE): Dr. Maggie Pui Man Hoi

(6) Scholarship Committee : Prof. Xin Chen

(7) Staff-Student Consultative Committee (SSCC) : Dr. Hao Hu