Chunming ('CM') WANG       王 春 明

Assistant Professor

Programme Director (Teaching / Research), Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences (ICMS)


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Dr Chunming Wang (CM) received his Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Biochemistry from Nanjing University (China), entering the field of biomaterials research under the supervision of Junfeng Zhang. He obtained his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) under the supervision of Dong-An Wang. Then, CM undertook his postdoctoral training at the University of Cambridge (UK), working between Wilhelm Huck’s group in the Chemistry Department and Fiona Watt’s lab at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Stem Cell Research, before returning to Singapore to join the Institute of Medical Biology, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), where he assisted Simon Cool and Victor Nurcombe in collaboration with industry on a cross-institutional drug discovery project.


In Oct 2012, CM took the Assistant Professorship at ICMS, University of Macau, to continue his scientific exploration in developing bio-inspired materials for a wide range of medical applications. To date, he has won 10 research grants from O Fundo para o Desenvolvimento das Ciências e da Tecnologia de Macau (FDCT), National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), University of Macau Research Committee as well as Nanjing University, China. These generous supports enabled the formation of ‘Chun Ming Tong Sui’ (春明糖水), a young and vibrant team devoted to weaving sweet polymer chains into new medicines. CMTS are also fortunate to have fantastic collaborators in Nanjing, Boston, Singapore and across Europe.


The team effort of CMTS has enabled CM to see himself among the winners of 2nd Prize of Natural Science Award at the 2016 Macao Science and Technology Awards.


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CMTS Alumni

  • Principal Investigator
    • Dr Chunming 'CM' Wang (PI 2012.10-)


  • Staff
    • o Dr Lintao Wang (Research Manager 2017.09-)


  • Students
    • Mr Yiming Niu (MS 2012.10-2014.07; PhD candidate 2014.08- )
    • Mr Qiu Li (PhD Candidate 2013.09-)
    • Ms Yanxian Feng (PhD Candidate 2015.01-)
    • Ms Sunny Shi (MSc Candidate 2015.08-)
    • Mr Panfei Xing (PhD Candidate 2016.08-)
    • Mr Zhe Zhang (MSc Candidate 2016.08-)
    • Ms Yuhan Zhang (MSc Candidate 2017.08-)
  • Visiting Students (co-supervised by Prof Bin Tang at South U of S&T China and CM)
    • Mr Yi-zebang Xue (PhD Candidate 2016.08-)
    • Mr Zhenyu Long (PhD Candidate 2017.08-)
  • Visiting scientist
    • Mr Richard Surgenor (2015.07-09; now a PhD student at University of Oxford, UK)
    • Prof Lei Dong (2013.07-.10; from Nanjing University, China)


  • Staff
    • Ms Hongyan Long (RA 2016.05-2017.04; now a PhD candidate at Max Planck Institute, Germany)
    • Dr Helena Wang (Postdoc 2015.01-.06; now a scientist in biotech industry, Canada)
    • Ms Bertha Wong (RA 2014.07-2015.07; now at Centro Hospitalar Conde de São Januário, Macau)


  • Students
    • Mr Carlos Zhang (MSc 2014.08-2017.01, now at Sichuan Primed Bio-tech Group Co Ltd, Chengdu)
    • Mr Yu Wang (MSc 2013.09-2016.01; now a scientist in pharma industry, Shandong)
    • Ms Xiudan Zhan (MSc 2012.10-2015.01; now an entrepreneur, Guangzhou)
    • Mr Stanley Chan (Summer intern, 2013.05-08; now at University College London, UK)
    • Ms Winnie Chan (FYP 2014.06-2015.06; RA 2015.10-2016.04; now at Kiang Wu Hospital, Macau)
    • Ms Mathilda Cheang (FYP, 2015.01-05; now at University of Macau, Macau)


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