Issue 10
April-June 2002


Cover Story:

- Computerized Services at the Library
On Campus
- UM at International Conference on Sustainable Development
- Macao: Environment and City Development
- Exhibition of Prints from Shanghai Lu Xun Museum in Library
- Seminar on Internationalizing Chinese Medicine and Managing Chinese Pharmacies Held in UM
- Participating in the 19th Meeting of the Ideographic Rapporteur Group
- Lectures of Prof Jiang Shuzhuo, Jinan University
- International Literary Festival
- Visit of Mr Michael Klosson, U.S. Consul General to Hong Kong
- Talks between Librarians of Tsinghua University and UM
- Employment Information Day
Student's Corner
- FST Students Awarded IEEE Scholarship for Two Consecutive Years
- Close Cooperation: Students of FBA Join Hands to Win a Challenge Match
- The May 4th Movement Commemorative Activities Launched by Students' Union
- Activities on Environmental Protection by Zhuhai and Macao Students
- FSH & FLL Students Going Out for Exchanges
Special Report: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary
Alumni Network
- Receiving Youth Delegation from Chongqing City
- Hiking an Ancient Path
Exchanges and Cooperation
- The Rector Attended the AUAP Conference
- Visit of IEEE President
- Cooperating with Beijing University to Develop Chinese Pharmacology
- Visit from West Chester University, U. S.
- Continuing MA Courses with the Institute of European Studies of Macao
- Exchange Students from Southern Illinois University, U. S.
Faculty and Staff News
- Prof Thomas Rendall: Growing up with the Department of English
- Prof Wu Enhua: Countless Academic Awards
- Assistant Prof Chai Lai Ping: Absorbing in Researches of Accounting
- Assistant Prof Lok Man Hoi: Combining Teaching with Research
Staff Movement


Cover Story:

Computerized Services at the Library


Databases in library available to students

Upon UM's 20th anniversary celebration, the library stepped into her 20th year as well, having developed from a library with only 20,000 books and 100 seats in 1982 to one with 400 seats and a collection of 160,000 books. In the past 20 years, the library has changed its location for several times, in the process of which it set up the Ancient Books Room, Macao References Room, Audio-Video Centre and Archives Centre. It is making an effort to enlarge its online database and promote its computerized services in a comprehensive manner, building a university library in line with international standards, characterized by both a humanistic atmosphere and advanced technology.

The library was first located in K C Wong Building. In 1987 it was moved to Ho Yin Centre to accommodate more students. To meet the demand for its book and seating capacity, a new library was built near the Sports Complex in September 1999, and it was named "University of Macau International Library". Covering an area of 15,000m2, it can provide the most comprehensive services and the most advanced equipments. Up to now it holds the biggest collection of books in Macao: 160,000 volumes of catalogued books, among them 60,000 of the Chinese language, 80,000 English, 10,000 Portuguese and over 3,000 kinds of printed periodicals. Besides, there are a large number of CD-ROMs, online databases and Audio-Video materials in the library. Prof Charles Yen, the Librarian, said that a large collection of books could no longer serve as the sole standard of a good library in the Information Age. In his opinion, the most important thing for a library now is the profound knowledge of its staff, which enables the readers to make efficient use of the library, and enables the staff to provide timely relevant materials from both the local library and other libraries across the world. "The library is only a door to all the library collections worldwide. Through this channel you can acquire any information needed," Prof Yen, who majored in Library and Information Management during college in the US, quoted a series of brand-new management notions of balancing "the right of propriety" and "the right of access" in a library.

In the summer 2000, Prof Yen, with 36 years of experience in library management, was invited to UM from the US to take up the post of the first librarian of the library. Taking into account the management ideas in American libraries, Prof Yen believed that the reader's efficient use of library materials depends on newly developed technology, computerized services and a qualified professional staff. In his views, with the help of the library staff, readers could search or download from the Internet any material they needed, like books, periodicals or newspapers, so as to meet their demand for certain kinds of information or knowledge. This blueprint coincided with the objective of building a computerized library proposed by UM leadership.

Hence, the library began to develop computerized equipments and services. For example, it established an online database, digitalized all the classic works worldwide written before 1920, purchased new equipments, added more Internet interfaces and provided broadband Internet service. All the measures have achieved considerable effects. By June 2002, the library has subscribed 16,000 electronic journals and 200 CD-ROMs and online databases, and the online database of the library has received over 80,000 visits. The newly-founded Group of Reference and Library Education, together with the Centre of English Writing highlighted the library's function of service.

After the upgrading of software facilities, the library has been continuously adding new hardware facilities and various types of services to the place. Prof Yen said that, because UM students' homes were close to the school, they preferred to study at home. So the library followed the designing of some foreign libraries to create a comfortable atmosphere for students to attract them from their homes into the library, with the intention to cultivate a good style of studying and favourable temperament in an implicit way. Besides the common layouts of libraries including Open Catalogue, References, Periodical, Multi-media, Macau References Room and Ancient Books Room, the library established an area for light reading on the second floor, which provided comfortable sofas for students to read, rest and chat. Not far from this area was a Library Cafe for students to eat food or watch television, and on the ground floor exquisite bookstores and restaurants could be found. Such a layout made it possible for both students and teachers "to peruse, excurse and relax" right in the library. Many students found that it was such a good place for discussing and communicating with each other that they were even reluctant to leave.

Prof Charles Yen, the Librarian.

At present, the library was well-equipped with both "software and hardware". This year, along with other four administrative units, it will join the ISO9000 quality management activity on campus to improve its procedures of management. Prof Yen said that, besides the further development of computerization, the objective of the library also included increasing the number of books and multimedia online materials in certain fields of study to meet the need of newly-opened courses like Gaming Management, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Psychology. Through more efforts on personnel training, the library could offer excellent services and strengthen students' awareness of information so as to highlight "Quality and Value". The motto on the wall of the library's entrance hall was adapted from Dr Sun Yat Sen's famous quotation --- "To make the best possible use of men, places, material and information". It could be regarded as both Prof Yen's strategy for the future development of the library and a common goal cherished by him and all his colleagues.



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