UM Affiliations


University of Macau utilizes its mature academic, technological and research background to serve its obligations on practical engineering developments. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering established the Centre for Engineering Research and Testing (CERT) in the April of 2003. The establishment of CERT will advance the engineering professional capability of the construction industry, and it is absolutely positive for the future development of Macau.


The Institute for the Development and Quality, Macau (IDQ) was established in February 1997. It is a scientific and technical, not-for-profit and community-oriented organization based in Macau, with the support of advanced European know-how and expertise. The mission is to contribute to the applied research and development of industrial sciences and technologies, provide technical services and trainings in the fields of advanced engineering applications and of quality systems, establish a state-of-art center of Excellence in Maintenance Engineering to provide high-quality, cost-effective service to industries in Macau and to the surrounding regions as well.