Call for MYRG 2019 - PDF


The Multi-Year Research Grant (MYRG) is now open for 2019 applications

  • 2 Levels of MYRGs* are opened for 2019 applications:

    - Level I (Faculty-Level)  – MOP250k for a period of 2 years

    - Level II (University-Level)** – MOP1.5M for a period of 2 years

  • All full-time academic staff designated as “Assistant Professor, “Associate Professor”, “Professor”, “Distinguished Professor” and “Chair Professor” are eligible for 1 application. However, “Distinguished Professor” and “Chair Professor” are ONLY allowed to apply for Level II (University-Level) project.  
  • A principal investigator (PI) is allowed to hold up to 2 MYRGs simultaneously††.  However, an Assistant Professor can ONLY hold 1 Level II (University-Level) project.

*MYRGs mainly support Research Personnel, Short-term Visiting Scholars, Supplies & Materials and Trips. Support for PhD students should be sought from the Postgraduate Studentship or other PhD scholarship programs, while support of large scale equipment should be sought from the Faculty equipment budget or PIDDA budget.
**External review process will be carried out for the Level II (University-Level) MYRG applications.
Research Assistant Professor and Macao Fellow can also make one MYRG application. If a PI is reaching the normal retirement age at the time of application and/or during the proposed project period, an eligible internal Co-PI is required.
††MYRG(s) which will be concluded on or before 31st August, 2019 (according to the original project end date), will not be counted. However, the progress of it/them will be a factor for consideration of the new MYRG application.

Important Dates

Submission of Application (open): 6th June, 2018 (Macau time 12:00 noon)
Submission of Application (close): 3th August, 2018 (Macau time 12:00 noon) [Extension] 3rd August, 2018 (Macau time 12:00 noon)
Estimated Notification Date#: 1st quarter of 2019
Estimated Project Start Date#: Level I – 1st quarter of 2019; Level II – September 2019

#Estimated Notification Date and Estimated Project Start Date may vary according to the internal and external review process.

Research Proposal

All research proposals should be prepared in English only.  Due to the nature of some specific research areas of FAH, FED and FLL, proposals written in Chinese or Portuguese could be considered.

- Proposal for MYRG2019

- Appendix I – Prior relevant research Work & Qualification of the Project Team

Turnitin Similarity Report

  • Similarity check of the MYRG applications will be carried out using the Turnitin (without appendices).
  • If such report has a similarity index ≥25% the research proposal will not be considered for review.
Rules and Guidelines
How to Submit
  1. Log in to the UM Research Grant Management System ‡‡
  2. Click “Create Project Application” under MYRG.
  3. Fill in the on-line application form and budget plan.
  4. Upload the following documents in pdf format: 1) Proposal for MYRG2019, 2) Appendix I, 3) Supporting document(s)‡‡‡, if any.

E-mail submission will NOT be accepted.

‡‡UM Research Grant Management System is compatible with the following browser versions:

Firefox – 50.0 or newer

Chrome – 49.0.2623 or newer

Internet Explorer  – 11 or newer
‡‡Detailed description on study procedures or any other materials/references (e.g. survey/experiment instruments/protocols, interview questions, questionnaires etc.) to the methodology, references and any other supporting document(s) should be submitted as appendices to the MYRG proposal.


Researchers are welcome to consult our colleagues in the RSKTO in the preparation of the proposal and the application.


Ms. Bonnie Tin

Ms. Fabiana Tang

ext. 4388

ext. 4261


Ms. Rebecca Wong

Ms. Eugene Chong

ext. 4311

ext. 4401


Ms. Belinda Long
Ms. Kenda Tang

ext. 4389
ext. 8152


Ms. Belinda Long

Ms. Sindy Lei

ext. 4389

ext. 8502