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As an advisory unit, GAO works together with internal units like the Students Affairs Office and Faculties in providing consultation and support to students wishing to pursue an exchange or a study/research trip abroad or in Mainland China.  We provide information about universities overseas and in Mainland China, visa requirements, and pre-departure tips and guidance.  Occasionally, representatives from the consulates are arranged to come to the University to provide briefings to local students on information about education and life in their countries and also information to their own nationals about living in Macao.

GAO will provide the following support to students:

  1. U-wide exchange briefings & Pre-departure briefing: There will be 2 exchange briefings for students each year arranged by GAO together with all Faculties. All UM students are welcome. GAO will also arrange pre-departure briefings for students who will go on exchange or study abroad or in Mainland China.                                                                                                                                             
  2. Exchange students network: GAO can provide the contact of the Consul General for students to connect with alumni.
  3. Other Sources of International Opportunity: Student could check the latest international opportunities in Global i, the Bulletin or the GAO website.
  4. Information available at GAO: Information about various countries and universities (booklet, pamphlet, information kit, etc.) are available at the GAO office. Students are welcome to review these in the GAO office.
  5. Visa: Students should prepare and check with the relevant Consulate about visa applications and necessary documents, or students could consult GAO for visa requirements by accessing GAO website.

See Non-local Students Services in our University's website for more assistance you may need.