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Safety Abroad

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Personal Safety Tips

Before you travel abroad:

After arriving at Host University:

  • Keep your door locked all the time.
  • Never allow strangers to enter your apartment or room.
  • Report any suspicious behavior to the hall manager immediately.
  • Learn the fire exits in your dormitory and know your escape route.
  • Make sure all the fire and smoke alarms are in working order.

General Safety Guidelines for Natural Disaster

    • Stay calm!
    • Do not use elevators.
    • Disconnect all electrical appliances.
    • Secure an escape by opening a window or door.
    • Discuss emergency evacuation sites and routes with friends, host family members, and work out methods of contacting each other.
    • Place a wet towel across your nose and mouth to prevent smoke inhalation.
    • If you are in country prone to earthquakes, ensure you have secured furniture and other easily toppled items so that they do not fall over.  If there is an earthquake, get under a study table or desk to avoid falling objects.  Stay away from concrete block fences or large object such as vending machines that could fall over.  Find something thick/hard to protect your head.
    • Listen to the TV/radio for news and instructions.
    • If you are in the train or other public transportations, follow the directions of the personnel in charge.  If you are on the street, find something hard to protect your head from falling objects.  If you are in a public area, be careful to avoid panic-stricken crowds rushing toward exits or stairways.
    • Do not try to drive during or after a severe earthquake.
    • After an earthquake or fire, report to the International Office/Office in-charge of your location and safety.


    Pre-departure Notebook