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Summer Programmes

Most summer programmes are not listed as exchange programmes.  Although some faculties may run their own summer programmes, many are operated by the Students Affairs Office.  Students interested in summer programmes should contact both the Faculty's General Office and the Students Affairs Office for the latest list of summer programmes open for application.

For UM students, please visit Summer Programme.


US Summer Study Tour for UM 2010

To cater for the need of students who would like to enrich their international experience by making use of the summer break, the Hong Kong America Centre has been invited by the Global Affairs Office to develop a US Summer Study Tour for UM. The 2010 tour has a theme 'Civil Society in America'. It is a tailor-made programme for students of University of Macau with a different theme each year. The tour for 2010 which will last for more than 2 weeks in USA will start from 19 June 2010 and ends at 5 July 2010, travelling from Washington DC, Philadephia, and lastly to New York City. It is organized in cooperation with George Washington University in Washington DC, Swarthmore College in Philadelphia, and Adelphi University in New York City. The US Summer Study Tour is created as an annual summer activity for UM students who have strong interests in US, its culture, and its people.

Application announcement of US Summer Study Tour for UM will be made in March through Global Affairs Office and Students Affairs Office.


US Summer Study Tour for UM 2011

Report of US Study Tour 2011 @ Hong Kong-America Center Newsletter 2011 (Nov-Dec)