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About GAO

Established in 2009, the Global Affairs Office (GAO) was originally a part of the functions at the Rector's Office. GAO is committed to enhance the internationalization of the University by establishing a strategic international network and partnership for the University. The international network of University of Macau covers more than 200 academic institutions in 29 countries at most regions of the world, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. GAO offers advice and guidance to faculties, departments, and other internal units of the University in establishing international partnerships, students and staff exchanges, joint academic and research collaborations, and agreement signing both at the faculty level and to University level. As a member of several important regional and international university associations and consortia (AUAP, UMAP, IAU, IAUP, CRUP, AULP, IAESTE A.s.b.l. and Eurasia Pacific Uninet), the University of Macau participates actively in board meetings, annual conferences, and higher education summit and forums organized by these international bodies.

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