Patrick Wai Hong HO

   Associate Professor
   Research Areas: Public Finance; Economic Growth; Financial Intermediation

  Rui Yang HU

  Assistant Professor
   Research Areas: Asset Pricing, Financial Economics, Macroeconomics, Monetary and Fiscal Policy

  Fung KWAN

   Assistant Professor
   Research Areas: The Chinese economy; The Macao economy; Macroeconomics; Development    economics

  Chun Wah LIU

   Assistant Professor
   Research Areas: Information economy; Institutional economics; Macroeconomics

  Guang-Zhen SUN

   Associate Professor
   Research Areas: Microeconomics; Political Economy; History of Ideas in Economics

  Gary Ka Kei WONG

   Associate Professor
   Research Areas: Using Luenberger's Benefit Functions to Generate Price-Dependent Demand    Functions; Empirical Analysis of Intertemporal Demand Systems

  Yibai YANG

   Assistant Professor
   Research Areas: Economic Growth; Innovation; Intellectual Property Rights; Monetary and Fiscal       Policies

  Mingli ZHENG

   Associate Professor
   Research Areas: Applied Econometrics; Applied Microeconomics; Law and Economics;    Industrial    Organizations; Public Economics; Labor Economics

  Mei Mei LAM (on leave)

   Macao Fellow in Social Sciences

  Vinh DANG

  Visiting Assistant Professor
   Ph.D. in Economics,McMaster University, Canada

Chi Shing CHAN

Ph.D. in Economics, University of California, USA

Wing Chung PUN

M.Phil in Economics, Columbia University, USA

Hon Kong TSE

M.A. in Economics, Michigan State University,, USA