Kan Kan CHAN, Ph.D. Զ

Assistant Professor

Faculty of EducationUniversity of Macau









Room 1021, Faculty of Education,

University of Macau, E33,

Av. da Universidade, Taipa, Macau, China

(853) 8822 8750

(853) 8822 2402






P       Doctor of Education, Durham University, UK

P       Master of Science, University of Macau, China SAR

P       Bachelor of Science, University of Macau, China SAR



P       PYEB0154     Thinking and Learning with IT

P       EDPC655        Educational Technology in Early Childhood Settings



P       Learning Geometry with Dynamic Geometry Software


P       Early Childhood Curriculum Development

P       Portfolio Assessment

P       Educational Courseware Production

P       Intelligent Tutoring System

P       IT Curriculum in Macau




Journal Article

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Conference Presentation

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Book Chapter

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