Committee on Gender Equity

The Committee on Gender Equity (CGE) was established in Mar 2015 to oversee the efforts in the University to advance gender equity. Chaired by the Dean of Students, who reports to the Rector, the CGE is composed of representatives of academic staff, administrative staff and students.

Mr. Pang Chap Chong, Paul (Dean of Students)
Ex-officio Member

Gender Equity Officer

- Prof. Mok Seng Peng, Greta, FST

Academic staff representatives - Prof. Carlos Jorge Ferreira Silvestre, FST
- Prof. Lei Lai Cheng, Victoria, FAH
Student representatives - Ms. Zeng WeiLing, UMPA
- Mr. Ieong Man Keng, UMSU
Administrative staff representatives - Ms. Chu Yun Pik, SAO
- Mr. Song Kit Io, ICI
Legal Consultant
- Prof. Lui GaoLong, FLL
Secretarial support
- Representative from Human Resources Section of Office of Administration

Terms of Reference:
 To promote gender equity in the University by way of publicity, education or any other means;
 To monitor the situation of gender equity in the University and assist in the investigation and handling of
     complaints when necessary;
 To devise, review and modify the guidelines, for handling the gender equity issues or any other related
 To assist in instituting and implementing the University’s gender equity initiatives.