Issue 12
Oct-Dec 2002


Cover Story:

- 681 Graduates Bid Farewell at Graduation

- Speech by Rector and Professor Iu Vai Pan

On Campus
- Hailing the Homecoming of Macao Bred Distinguished
- Devoting Efforts to the Development of Research on
Chinese Medicine
- The 16th National Conference on Hydrodynamics
- Information Technology Week 2002
- Supporting Local Creative Technology
- Seminar on Macao Economic Development and System Reform
- Speaking Out for the Revision of UM Charter
- Seminar on the Establishment and Concept of the
International Criminal Court 
Student's Corner
- Inauguration of the Internet Radio of the Faculty of
- Students of Communication Pave Way to Society by
Gaining Practical Training on Campus
- Debate Team Deluged with Awards in its Debut Year
- Raising English Standards through Competitions
- Ten Students Receive Awards
- Representatives of Sub-Clubs of Students' Union Meet with the Rector
- UM Takes a Seat at the XVI World Congress of Accountants
in Hong Kong
- Swimming Team Breaks Four Records
- Students' Union Hosts Orientation for New Students
from China
- Students' Union Celebrates the 3rd Anniversary of
Macao's Return to Chinese Sovereignty
Staff News
- Professor Lo Lam Fat
- Lecturer Pamela Au Chung To
- Professor Fan Jianhong
- Assistant Professor Kelvin Yuen Ka Veng
- UM's Hearts United for Charity Course
- Thirteen Staff Win Awards in the UM ISO Logo and Slogan Design Competition
- Staff Caroling for Christmas
- New Staff / Promotion / Change of Position / Resignation
Exchanges and Cooperation
- The 1st UM International Cultural Exchange Day
- Rector Iu Vai Pan at the UMAP Seminar
- Forging Paths in Portugal
- Agreement Signed with Chengdu University of Traditional
Chinese Medicine
- Cooperation with Fu Jen Catholic University of Taiwan
Alumni Network

New Board Elected for UM Alumni Association

- Bash on the 16th Anniversary
- Bonding by Bowling

Head of the Jilin Province Seeks Stronger Ties with UM

On Campus

Hailing the Homecoming of Macao Bred Distinguished Scholars

Three distinguished Macao born or bred scholars, Prof Chung Laung Liu, Prof Yum-Tong Siu and Prof Alfred Wong were the focus at the Homecoming - Public Talk by Three Macao-Raised World-Class Scholars held at UM on 23 November. They have achieved world-class status in their respective fields. In the Talk, they shared with the public and especially the youths, their struggles and experiences in the process of growing up and reaching great heights in the scientific field.

Rector Iu Vai Pan remarked that the achievements of these three professors proved that students from Macao are totally capable of climbing great heights in the world's scientific arena and of acquiring academic achievements. As the higher education institution in Macao, UM strives to raise the quality in education and research and produce world-class talents.

The three scholars graduated from high schools in Macao. On this special trip back home, they shared their accomplishments in Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics. Each spoke on their own field and their learning experiences overseas, respectively titled as Puzzles of Mathematics and Not So Puzzled Mathematics; Education and I - the Spiritual Path from Macao to America and Technology, Health and Environment.

Technical concepts were explained in simple terms and their views were skillfully integrated in their speeches. The Chairman of the University Council Dr Tse Chi Wai presided over the Talk which attracted over 600 enthusiastic audiences. Before the Talk, the three guest speakers also addressed UM staff and students as well as high school students from the scholars' alma maters by presenting a workshop entitled High Technology and Higher Education.


-]from the left) Prof Yum-Tong Siu, Prof Chung Laung Liu, Chairman of the University Council Dr Tse Chi Wai, Rector Iu Wai Pan, Prof Alfred Wong and Prof Vong Sai Weng.

- The Talk received great enthusiasm and the hall was full


Devoting Efforts to the Development of Research on Chinese Medicine

-Guests and speakers together

On 25 November, UM and Beijing University (BU) co-sponsored a Conference on the Development of Chinese Medicine. A dozen experts and academic researchers from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and the US explored the future development of Chinese herbal medicinal technology and industry prospects. Rector Iu Vai Pan in his address indicated that UM will dedicate its efforts to related research and education.

The Conference was held in the UM International Library. Rector Iu Vai Pan congratulated the opening of the Conference while Vice Rector of BU Iu Zhaofung concluded it with a speech. Rector Iu noted that this was the first joint conference by UM and BU for promoting the development and technology of Chinese herbal medicine. Through interaction, experts and scholars can explore directions for such development and models for training talents in the field, exchange views and forge further collaboration. All of these benefit education and academic advancement on the subject.

Rector Iu recognized that UM is at its infancy in the field of Chinese herbal medicinal technology and education. UM would offer a Master degree on Medicinal Administration or on Chinese Medicinal Science. A modern laboratory for evaluating, as its prime task, the quality of Chinese herbal medicine is underway. He indicated that the development of medicinal administration and the internationalization of education on Chinese herbal medicine are both important subjects, therefore any suggestions and guidance from the conference goers would be much sought after and welcomed. He hoped for more exchange and collaboration in promoting Chinese medicine studies.

Prof Wang Yitao, who is coordinating the UM's Master Programme , expressed that Macao possesses excellent political, geographical and cultural advantages for the development of Chinese herbal medicine industry. Along with the active support of the Macao SAR government, we shall make use of resources from China and our own advantages to build multi platforms for Chinese herbal medicinal education, technology and trade. Further on, in line with international cooperation in quality standardization, we can expand international markets. For the Master programme at UM, eighteen students have been recruited from BU and Nanjing University. Over 40 research projects on authentic Chinese medicinal materials have been initiated.

There were 11 specialists from America and the four Chinese territories on both sides of the Taiwan Strait who discussed or presented papers on subjects including the role of Macao in the internationalization of Chinese medicine and herbal materials, the progress of research and development of new medicines in America, modern biological technology and the Chinese herbal medicinal technology industry, the present condition and development trends of the Chinese herbal medicine industry in Taiwan, the international medicine market and the future of the Chinese herbal medicine industry, an introduction on Chinese herbal medicinal technology and development trends in Hong Kong, quality control on Chinese medicine and development of the trade, policies for the registration and management of new medicines in China, and management and GMP of medicine in America.


The 16th National Conference on Hydrodynamics

-Guests and speakers

On 18 November the inauguration of the 16th National Conference on Hydrodynamics was held in Zhuhai and continued the next day in the S.T.D.M. Auditorium in UM International Library. Around 100 academics and researchers from over 30 universities and science research institutes in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao attended the Conference and presented papers. The number of participants was recorded as the highest ever for the Conference.

Among all the papers presented, the one on Surface Movement of Water Running Down Stream by the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology at UM, Associate Prof Mok Kai Meng, and the one on the Creation of Experimental Facilities by Prof Mok and his student, along with Prof Harry Yeh of University of Washington both received much praise, and were published in the Conference Proceedings. Participants offered recognition to the recent development and academic achievements of UM. Topics discussed in the Conference included fundamental hydrodynamics, computational fluid mechanics, hydrodynamics for marine and ocean engineering, hydropower and river mechanics, coastal, environmental and geophysical fluid mechanics, industrial fluid mechanics, and recent developments in instrumentation and monitoring technology.


Information Technology Week 2002


-UM representative presents scientific research results to the Chief Executive of Macao SAR
Mr Ho Hau Wah (left).

From 4 to 6 October, the University together with Macao SAR government and nine other organizations staged the Information Technology Week 2002. Rector Iu Vai Pan was invited to host the opening ceremony with other VIPs.

The Week was the largest IT exhibition and seminar ever held in Macao. This year, it was composed of three activities: a Series of Exhibitions on IT Education in Schools, the IT Annual Conference, and IT Fair. The latest information technology and its development were showcased through exhibition booths, information stands, theme talks and seminars, with the purpose of raising awareness and advancing knowledge on information technology among people in Macao.

In the exhibition booth of the University, the works of students' scientific research in the IT field were demonstrated. Various activities attracted big crowds.


Supporting Local Creative Technology


-Guests and speakers together

UM and the Association for the Promotion of Science and Technology of Macao sponsored the Symposium on Technological Innovation in Macau 2002 held in UM on 14 November. The Symposium was to introduce and collect locally produced technology and inventions, and to arouse the attention of the public and to seek their support. Twenty two participants presented papers on their inventions.

Rector Iu Vai Pan stated that if Macao wants to develop its own technology, the training of human resources is very important. During these years, the Faculty of Science and Technology of UM has supplied Macao with groups of engineers and has come a long way from providing merely Bachelor degree programmes to offering Master and Doctoral ones. This has greatly enhanced the academic level of students. He believed that through education and training of post-graduate students, UM has promoted the development of creative and original technology in Macao.

He said that UM has always supported research work on technology. In the last ten years, research projects have multiplied many times, from 16 projects funded by MOP280,000 in 1993 to 81 projects in 2002. The Research Committee at UM has allocated over MOP6 million to support and encourage research work, of which 78% was used for research in the science and technology area.

The Symposium helps push forward the development of technology and encourages the young generation to participate. The morning opening session began with the keynote speech Recall the Past and Look into the Future of the Development of Science and Technology by the Director of the China Science and Technology Forum, Prof Wang Yusheng. In the afternoon session, 22 papers were presented by Macao participants with topics such as engineering science, computer software, new technology and inventions. All selected papers will be compiled for publication.


Seminar on Macao Economic Development and System Reform


-Topic presentations by scholars from China,Taiwan and Macao.

On 13 December, the Macao Research Centre of UM held a seminar on Macao Economic Development and System Reform. Scholars and experts from China, Hong Kong and Macao were invited to share their views, to explore the future trends of development, and to provide strategic thoughts and suggestions for maintaining economic stability and system reform in Macao.

Rector Iu Vai Pan said that since the handover of Macao's sovereignty to China the economy of Macao has been in a process of recovery. Through the collective efforts of different sectors, Macao's economy has stepped out of its lowest point. After the materialization of numerous public works and plans, he believed that economy should gradually revive.

Prof Ieong Wan Chong, Senior Consultant to the Rector, was the coordinator of the seminar. He indicated that there were in-depth discussions and exchanges among participants which generated many constructive new views and concepts. They were conducive to the further revival of Macao's economy and to fostering another cycle of new development.

This seminar also explored how Macao keeps abreast of future economic developments and makes good use of its human resources in coordinating with new economic growth.


Speaking out for the Revision of UM Charter


The UM Charter Revision Task Force, set up to raise the autonomy and flexibility of the University, started its campus-wide consultation sessions on the task force's Suggestions on Governance Structure of UM from early November to mid December. Dr Tse Chi Wai, Chairman of the UM Charter Revision Task Force, headed the sessions and collected ideas.

Since the Revision concerns all members of the UM community, in order to gather as many opinions as possible, Dr Tse has held meetings with members of the University Council, University Management Board, Senate members, deans and academic units heads, heads of administrative departments, representatives of the Students' Union and alumni associations, as well as all staff and students.

Dr Tse introduced the proposed Revision at all meetings and the hope of gaining more academic freedom and a high level of autonomy for UM. A number of meeting goers shared their views on campus development plans, course development and structure, and ways of increasing enrollments and raising the quality of students. Their enthusiastic participation generated fruitful results.


Seminar on the Establishment andConcept of the International Criminal Court


On 25 October, the Faculty of Law (FLL) and the Associa?o da Justica e da Procuradoria de Macau organized the seminar on the Establishment and Concept of the International Criminal Court and on Combating Organized Inter-Country Crimes. The keynote speakers were Dr Albin Eser and Dr Hansjoerg Albrecht of the Max-Planck Institute of Foreign and International Penal Law in Germany. Prosecutor Chan Tat Fu of the Public Prosecution Office of the Macao SAR and Associate Dean of FLL Prof Liu Gaolong chaired the seminar. Judges, prosecutors and students of FLL attended the seminar.

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