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Incoming Exchange Students

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Students from partner institutions are welcome to study as exchange students at UM. To apply to become an exchange student at UM, please contact your Office of International Affairs and submit your application materials via your home institution to us.

Exchange programmes are available for one semester or one academic year.  It is important to consider your university’s programme requirements, your financial situation as well as your own goals and objectives when determining the length of your exchange.

For credit transfer and academic consultation, please consult with your academic advisor at your home institution or contact your Office of International Affairs. Students should understand that UM reserves the right not to allow exchange students to enroll in selected courses based on our own policy.  Students should be prepared that some credits taken during exchange may not be transferred back to your home institution.

Undergraduate Student Exchange Application Deadline for Academic Year 2016/2017

  • (Tentatively) 20 March, 2016 for 1st semester
  • (Tentatively) 30 September, 2016 for 2nd semester

Estimated Cost of living for Exchange Students per Semester

Meals & Other Entertainment       

~ USD 450 - 560/ month


On Campus:
~ Rental: USD 150/month
~ Caution Fee: USD 200
Off Campus:
~ Rental: USD 450/month
~ Utilities (centricity, water and gas): USD 60/ month


~ USD 40 - 45/each

Medical Insurance

~ USD 15


University Alamanac: http://www.umac.mo/reg/cstudents_acad_cal_reg.php