In order to help first-year students successfully adjust to their new academic and social environments, the University implements the Faculty Mentorship Programme which assigns each new student to a faculty member who acts as a mentor and guides the student throughout the year. The University also implements the Peer Support Programme where senior students provide support and guidance to new students of the same major or from the same faculty. The University also has the SPRING - Psychological Health Ambassador Programme where a selected group of students are trained to become mental health ambassadors who in turn organize activities that enhance their fellow students' awareness of psychological health and provide effective emotional support to their peers in the University.

In order to increase students' skills and competitiveness, the University organizes the Students Development Workshop Series, including University Learning Skills Workshop, Super Memory Workshop, Dating Relationships Workshop, Building a Professional Image Workshop and Winning Job Interview Skills Workshop.  These workshops have effectively improved students' learning, socializing, and career development skills.

Honours College aims to bring together high-achieving undergraduates from all disciplines and create opportunities for them to achieve academic excellence, gain global perspective, develop leadership skills, and enhance their sense of social responsibility. In addition to the curricula of their enrolled majors, students at the college will enjoy the privilege of experiencing a multi-disciplinary environment, while having access to the best research activities in the University. They will also have the opportunity to study abroad to gain comparative perspective on their specialized disciplines and related subject areas and develop their senses of international understanding and increasing their cultural fluency. Students will have various opportunities to meet leaders in relevant fields, as well as to participate in various activities and serve different communities so that a culture of leadership and civic engagement can be fostered.

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