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The Office of Administration (ADMO), is located in the Administration Building (N6). It has 2 subordinate sections - Human Resources Section (HRS) and Procurement Section (PCT). The main duties of ADMO are as follows:

  1. To set principles, standards and procedures for general administrative measures;
  2. To promote quality management in administrative areas and to adopt a systematic approach to evaluate and improve the administration performance, in order to raise the service quality and environmental efficiency;
  3. To assist in the administrative process of staff recruitment, appointments, promotions and transfers in accordance with the Personnel Statute of UM, to coordinate the allocation of human resources to various units, and to provide staff training and development;
  4. To handle affairs related to staff benefits, and to assist in setting and executing disciplinary processes and mechanisms for complaints and appeals to resolve personnel conflicts; 
  5. To give advice on revision of the Personnel Statute of UM;
  6. To set regulations for internal operations related to acquisition of goods and services, tender and consultation, and ensure that they are rigorously implemented

The Human Resources Section carries out six main functions:

  1. Recruitment and On-Boarding;
  2. Compensation and Benefits;
  3. Policy Development and Organizational Efficiency;
  4. Employee Affairs and Appointment;
  5. Employee Development and Retention;
  6. Administration and Compliance Support.

The Procurement Section serves the University in three main areas:

  1. Acquisition of Goods;
  2. Acquisition of Services;
  3. Acquisition of Works.

The table below summarizes our core services, with contact persons for each service.

Office of Administration

General Office Contact: Ms. Gigi Wong / Ms. Henrietta Mok
Tel: 8822 8597 / 8822 8584
E-mail: /


Human Resources Section

Recruitment and On-Boarding

  1. Recruitment matters for administrative and academic positions
  2. Offer of non-regular contract
  3. Offer of course teaching service contract for academic units
  4. Internal transfer request
  5. Administrative headcount
  6. Application of Employment Declaration
  7. Issuance of staff cards
  8. Application of Work Permit and Family Stay Permit
Contact: Ms. Renee Chan
Tel: 8822 8698

Compensation and Benefits

  1. Benefits and subsidies administration
  2. Leave administration
  3. Payroll
  4. Medical benefits
  5. Progression of scale
  6. Application of outside practice
  7. Staff insurances
  8. Staff checkout formalities 
  9. Work accident
Contact: Ms. Sylvia Lo / Ms. Melody Wong
Tel: 8822 8693 / 8822 8582

Policy Development and Organizational Efficiency

  1. Revision of regulations, rules and guidelines on personnel affairs
  2. Performance appraisal
  3. Long service award
  4. Outstanding administrative staff award
  5. Functional titles
  6. Administrative support for quality management projects
Contact:  Ms. Carolina Lee / Ms. Daisy Tang
Tel: 8822 8689 / 8822 8580

Employee Affairs and Appointment

  1. Contract renewal for academic and administrative staff
  2. Promotion for academic and administrative staff
  3. Appointments for academic and administrative staff
  4. Re-appointment of staff reaching retiring age
  5. Staff Statistics
Contact:  Ms. Helena Tan
Tel: 8822 4791

Employee Development and Retention

  1. Staff training
  2. Staff interest class
  3. Staff activities
  4. Check-in/out administration
  5. Staff privilege
  6. Application of membership for SAFP Welfare Association
Contact:  Ms. Iris Lo / Ms. Michelle Loi
Tel: 8822 8590 / 8822 8594

Administration and Compliance Support

  1. Assist in the University in implementing internal controls, policies and procedures
  2. Assure compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  3. Respond to requests for information from the government or regulatory bodies
Contact:  Mr. Kenneth Chiu / Ms. Isabella Lai
Tel: 8822 8401 / 8822 8573


Procurement Section

Acquisition of Services

  1. Campus services 
  2. Air tickets and hotel corporate rate
  3. License and maintenance service renewal
  4. Campus outlets
  5. Warehouse – supply consumable items
Contact: Ms. Pinko Liu / Ms. Mandy Wong
Tel: 8822 4940 / 8822 8527
E-mail: /

Acquisition of Goods

  1. Equipment for research purpose
  2. IT equipment
  3. Faculty support
  4. Insurance
Contact: Ms. Mond Wong / Ms. Elisa Lai
Tel: 8822 4885 / 8822 4830
E-mail: /

Acquisition of Works

  1. Renovation and construction
  2. Property maintenance and improvement works
  3. Legal affairs and notary contract signing
Contact: Mr. Jack Leong / Ms. Susan Ieong
Tel: 8822 4835 / 8822 4888
E-mail: /


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