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  • The technical and business model design in the industrialization of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

    Antidepressant drugs in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as the main research objects as characteristics of antidepressant drugs of traditional Chinese medicine technology and the corresponding business model and explore the relative to the Chinese traditional medicine western medicine products in antidepressant market technology and industry development path;

    In a single resistance technology in traditional Chinese medicine product development as the object, analysis of single technique in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the product development and quality control technology application may approach the system analysis of Chinese traditional medicine of traditional Chinese medicine patent and pricing product patent system research, especially research institutions and manufacturers in Chinese materia medica industry standard of patent strategy;

    Radix scutellariae element: the use of spray freeze drying technology for the preparation of radix scutellariae, solid dispersions disease in vivo pharmacokinetic evaluation. With a low glass transition temperature and low melting point of materials (Pluronic F68) as the carrier, using spray freeze drying of the solid dispersions of radix scutellariae element, and will be made by the samples with the conventional solvent evaporation - compared to the sample prepared. Spray freeze drying technology can effectively improve the oral bioavailability of radix scutellariae element. This part of the spray freeze drying part of the findings are published in SCI journals in English AAPS PharmSciTech.

    The difference of TCM products pricing system research, especially the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine product pricing in the national health insurance directory;

  • The cultural function of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) international brand

    Authentic Chinese medicine products in the Chinese culture in the international market research, brand design especially in cultural communication regions such as Singapore, Hong Kong culture brand design;

    the elements of culture brand design and innovation system of Chinese medicine research.

  • Chinese herbal medicine compatibility network research

    Figure 10. Chinese herbal medicine compatibility network diagram (do) medical colleges and universities cooperation network (right) collection of classical prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine, construction of compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine network, as shown above. Is located in the center of figure points for more traditional Chinese medicinal materials and other Chinese medicinal materials compatibility, namely common medicine. Poria cocos, pinellia, radix peucedani, twotooth achyranthes root, dry ge, radix bupleuri, rhizoma ligustici wallichii, bitter orange, licorice, licorice (main), ginseng, peony, atractylodes, angelica, live alone。。

  • Innovation network of traditional Chinese medicine research

    Collecting Chinese famous institutions of higher learning in the drug research, through the innovation of science and technology index, to evaluate medical colleges and universities cooperation between scientific research strength, construction of cooperation network, pictured above. Further analysis of the role of colleges and universities of Chinese medicine in the innovation network and functions.

  • Research of geographical indication

    Cooperation way of traditional Chinese medicine science and technology industrial park in hengqin new area in 2011 started, in this context, we studied the park products branded the feasibility of the "made in macau". The existing product rules of origin as shown in the figure below

    Figure 11. The rules of origin of WTO motioned drug targets (left) innovation network (right).

    The mainland/Macao closer economic partnership arrangement (CEPA) also contains the related rules of origin. However, in view of the particularity of hengqin and way of traditional Chinese medicine science and technology industrial park, the existing rules of origin are still unable to accurately define the product industrial park of Chinese medicine manufacturing attribution and mark of origin. Necessary through system innovation, make "made in macau" brand. Specific include: draw lessons from Singapore industrial park mode, build park brand directly; Stick a card production base, in university of macau hengqin campus due to the campus by the Macao SAR government jurisdiction, nature made "macau" brand; Make "Made in Hengqin" brand (Made in Hengqin); Create "Made with Macau" brand. This is mainly from "Made in China" to "Made with China" branding strategy, this shift expressed the idea of "Made in China, Made with the world". In the same way, also can borrow "Made with Macau" brand transfer "Macao manufacturing, way cooperation" concept。

  • Innovative drug targets network research

    Collect the FDA approved an NCE drugs in ten years, analyze the target information, build the following targets for network based on innovative drugs. Research targets for drugs, especially in the development of Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine compound strategy.

  • Open system evaluation

    Possible biases and errors in view of the traditional system evaluation, Liang Shaowei invited published in the international conference on the preliminary framework and method of open system evaluation, and receive support from the university of Edinburgh and the university of Oxford academics, formally began to participate in research and development together. Currently has more than one hundred start-up fund for research of evidence-based medicine in the world, Chinese and western medicine in succession, published an article in the existing papers won the international medical and domestic core journals published, paper scope includes not only the traditional one to one direct comparison curative effect comparison, also a new indirect comparison, as well as in traditional Chinese medicine still no attempt to network system evaluation, the curative

  • Automation experiment method

    In view of the traditional scientific instruments experimental method, offered to informatics, combined with the software and hardware, has prompted a series of experiments for subsequent experimental parameters according to the previous experimental results calibration and automatic program appropriately, this kind of method of experiment method was used to optimize research has great potential. Friendly counterparts in British research Science and Automated Experimentation journals published preliminary results, mainly used in the research field of translational medicine, macau in this research also has gradually started, after being obtained funding for instrument be on a large scale.