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  • Direction key breakthrough in traditional Chinese medicine Chinese traditional medicine analysis build evaluation method and evaluation strategy, the formation of international recognition and adapt to the quality of the Chinese medicine overall function characteristics of the research model, on the evaluation of the quality of macromolecular drugs of traditional Chinese medicine.



  • The optimization strategy of traditional Chinese medicine quality indicators

    Affinity between research based on pharmaceutical chemistry, the target and the activity of the binding of a target for Chinese medicine quality index optimization and active ingredients selection, carrying out the work are as follows: In collaboration with professor David at the university of Cambridge, Ron to about 500 and related components of traditional Chinese medicine extracts of IRE1 inhibitor screening, aims to find active lead compounds, project progress smoothly, preliminary results satisfactory; Has carried out two targets of traditional Chinese medicine extract activity screening, aims to set up online activity detection system, screening of active compounds. Has now completed screening, is used to establish the HPLC detection system to carry out online activity may be used in the treatment of diabetes screening of active ingredients; Fleece-flower root liver toxicity composition study, preliminary illustrates the hepatotoxicity composition and its prevention measures, relevant research papers are to be published; Invited to the international top drugs and the analysis of biomedical journal j. Pharm. J Biomed. Anal. Write for the quality control of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a guiding significance of "Strategies for quality control of Chinese medicines" (Shao - Ping Li, Jing Zhao, Bin Yang, j. Pharm. J Biomed. Anal. 55:802-9, 2011), since published in June 2011, has been quoted 3 times; Li Shaoping professor invited in ITP 2011 (18 th International Symposium on Capillary Electroseparation Techniques) meeting made for the Discovery of the active components from Chinese herbs using chromatography with online bioassay detection report; Zhao jing, an assistant professor was invited to HPLC2011 (37 th International Symposium on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques & 18 th National Symposium and Exhibition on Chromatography) dalian meeting venue, chairman of the "natural products and traditional Chinese medicine analysis".

  • Traditional Chinese medicine volatile reference substance of virtual database building

    Aimed at the bottleneck of lack of quality control of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the reference substance, volatile active ingredients in Chinese medicine reference substance research, aims to break through the traditional Chinese medicine quality reference substance in the study of key problem, the present study is going well. Li Shaoping professor was invited to attend the second international drug rapid detection technology seminar and the third sino-us drug analysis technology and test method of conference and titled "Strategy for the reference compound development of Chinese medicine".

  • In traditional Chinese medicine polysaccharide quality evaluation research

    Polysaccharide is one of the active site, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) important to the overall effect of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has very important role, and its quality control is a international problem, this research is based on we establish sugar spectrum method, expand and deepen the study of Chinese medicine polysaccharide, is studying Chinese medicine polysaccharides have ginseng, American ginseng, notoginseng, ganoderma lucidum, cordyceps sinensis, etc.

  • The sustainable utilization of the rare medicinal resources

    Of traditional Chinese medicine resources sustainable utilization is the key to decide the future development of Chinese traditional medicine, in view of the rare medicinal resources, using biological technology development of medicinal resources is the necessary requirement of Chinese herbal medicine industry development of Macao, we use of biotechnology, the liquid and solid fermentation technology was carried out by rare medicinal resources such as Chinese caterpillar fungus, huoshan dendrobium stem research, and made gratifying progress, guiding Feng Kun of PhD thesis "cordyceps fruiting body formation may be the molecular mechanism of" Chinese pharmaceutical journal "island ferry cup selection of theses on the 10th national pharmaceutical analysis of outstanding communication meeting" second prize, excellent thesis UM01 is expected to be developed for health products with independent intellectual property rights.