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    Received MOP 261 million of research funding (2011-2017)




    Important Research Projects funded by FDCT


    1. Mechanistic studies of active compounds-combination from Chinese medicine for minimising and treating cardio-cerebrovascular complications



    2. Study of Holistic Actions of Representative Tonic and Heat-Dispersing Chinese Medicinal Herbs Using A Gut Microbiota-Targeted Strategy



    3. Chemical and Pharmacological Study on a Novel Fungus from Natural Cordyceps Sinensis



    4. Key Technologies of Innovative Chinese Medicine based on Network Pharmacology and Molecular Pharmaceutics



    5. Characterization, structural optimization and mechanistic study of the neuroprotective components from Chinese medicine for minimising and treating Parkinson's disease complications 



    6. Pharmacological Study of the Chinese Herb Pair Radix Puerariae-Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge in Ameliorating Insulin Resistance and Endothelial Dysfunction



    7. Establishment and optimization of key technologies for systematic screening of Chinese medicine based on multi-targets property



    8. Using patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells to establish drug screening platforms for neurodegenerative diseases



    9. 中藥國際貿易中安全性關鍵環節研究


    10. A luminescent screening platform to identify DNA repair enzyme modulators from natural products 通過發光篩選平臺從天然產物中識別DNA修復酶調節劑


    11. Pharmacological Elucidation of Novel Anti-Parkinson's Leads from Chinese Medicines in Alpha-synuclein Transgenic Mouse and Zebrafish Models of Parkinson's Disease 新型抗帕金森病中藥先導化合物在α-突觸核蛋白轉基因帕金森病小鼠和斑馬魚模型中的藥理研究


    12. A mechanistic study of immune tolerance induced by tetrandrine and other Chinese herb-derived components through regulation of DCs/Tregs and the therapeutic application of such an effect on the treatment of experimental colitis 粉防己鹼及其他中藥成分通過調節DC/Treg誘導免疫耐受的機制及利用該作用治療結腸炎的研究


    13. Driving metabolite clearance from the brain to maintain its homeostasis via activating the Glymphatic System and exploring its underlying mechanisms 促進腦血管旁路在清除大腦代謝產物和維持內環境穩態中的作用及其機制研究


    14. Discovery and therapeutic development of novel peptide toxins by transcriptomics and functional venomics 利用轉錄組學及毒液功能學方法發現新型肽類毒素並進行治療性開發


    15. Allosteric modulation and biased signaling at G protein-coupled chemoattractant receptors 趨化因數G蛋白偶聯受體的變構調節與偏向性激動


    16. Acute-phase response and mechanisms for host protection 急性時相反應與機體保護機制





    Important Research Projected funded by UM


    1. Pharmaceutical Key Technology Studies Based on System Pharmacology for Innovative Chinese Medicine


    2. Characterization and mechanistic study of the bioactive components from selected Chinese medicine for neuroprotective activities


    3. Study on Key Techniques for Quality Control of Polysaccharides from Selected Chinese Medicines


    4. Discovery and mechanistic studies of bioactive compounds from Chinese pharmacopeia formulae (Fufang) for angiogenesis and cardio-cerebrovascular protective activities


    5. Anti-cancer effect and mechanism study of MAM, a natural product isolated from Polygonum cuspidatum


    6. Dual mediated functional nanoparticle platform for hydrophobic active ingredients in Chinese medicine for targeted liver cancer therapy


    7. Chinese Medicine Formula JCM-16021 Modulate Gut Immune Homeostasis and Microbiota in Post-Infection Irritable Bowel Syndrome


    8. Screening for NADPH oxidase inhibitors from tropical fruit waste components, as candidates for ameliorating aging-related adipose tissue oxidative stress


    9. Study on the regulation of glucose balance in type II diabetes by low-magnitude high-frequency vibration and the underlying mechanism of mitochondrial biogenesis


    10. Pharmacological elucidation of novel anti-Parkinson's leads from Chinese medicines in animal models of Parkinson's disease


    11. Driving metabolite clearance from the brain to maintain its homeostasis via activating the Glymphatic System