Cheuk-Wing LI  李卓榮
Assistant Professor

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Academic Qualifications

B.Sc. Courses

  1. Fundamental Chemistry for Bioscientists (BIOB114)
  2. Orgainic Chemistry (BIOB115)
  3. Organic Chemistry Laboratory (BIOB116)
  4. Wonder in Life Science and Health: Biomedical Science (ICMS212)

Research Interests

Dr. Li received his B.Sc. in applied chemistry, M.Phil. and Ph.D. in analytical biochemistry from the City University of Hong Kong.  Upon graduation, he won the very prestigious Croucher Research Fellowship Award which offered full fellowship for his postdoctoral training in Stanford University.  After returned, he was once appointed as associate professor in the South China University of Technology before he joined the Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences at University of Macau.  Dr. Li has been working in the field of biochip technology for over 12 years.  His research interests are focused on the development of low-cost biochip fabrication methods and the application of biochip technology in cell-based assays and high-throughput drug screening. 

Selected Publications
Journal articles:

  1. Li, C.-W.§; Yue, W. Q.§; (§ equal contribution) Xu, T.; Yang, M. S.* Fabrication of Integrated Sieving Microstructures along Microchannels for Biological Cell Trapping and Droplet Formation. Lab Chip (2011), DOI: 10.1039/C1LC20446G
    Impact factor: 6.26
  2. Zhang, H.§; Lian, L.§; (§ equal contribution) Li, C.-W.; Fu, H. Y.; Chen, Y.; Yang, M. S.*. Multienzyme-nanoparticles Amplification for Sensitive Virus Genotyping in Microfluidic Microbeads Array Using Au Nanoparticle Probes and Quantum Dots as Labels. Biosens Bioelectron (2011), DOI:10.1016/j.bios.2011.07.074
    Impact factor: 5.361
  3. Li, M.-J.*, Jiao, P. C., He, W. W., Yi, C. Q., Li, C.-W., Chen, X., Chen G.-N.*, Yang M. S., Water-soluble and Biocompatible Cyclometalated Iridium(III) Complexes: Synthesis, Luminescence and Sensing Application. Eur J Inorg Chem (2011), 2, 197-200.
    Impact factor: 2.909
  4. Chueh, B.-H.; Li, C.-W.; Wu. H.; Davsion, M.; Wei, H. B.; Bhaya, D.; Zare, R. N.* Whole gene amplification and protein separation from a few cells. Anal Biochem (2011), 411, 64-70.
    Impact factor: 3.240
  5. Wei, H. B.; Chueh, B. H.; Wu, H. L.; Hall, E. W.; Li, C.-W.; Schirhagl, R.; Lin, J.-M.; Zare, R. N.* Particle Sorting Using a Porous Membrane in a Microfluidic Device. Lab Chip (2011), 11, 238-245.
    Impact factor: 6.260
  6. Xu, T.; Yue, W. Q.; Li, C.-W.; Yao, X. S.; Cai, G. P.; Yang, M. S.* Real-time monitoring of suspension cell-cell communication using an integrated microfluidics. Lab Chip (2010), 10, 2271-2278.
    Impact factor: 6.260
  7. Yi, C. Q.; Li, C.-W.; Zhang, M. L.; Wong, N. B.; Lee, S. T.; Yang, M. S.*  Patterned growth of vertically aligned silicon nanowire arrays for label-free DNA detection using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. Anal Bioanal Chem (2010), 397(7), 3143-3150. 
    Impact factor: 3.841
  8. Zhang, H.; Xu, T.; Li, C.-W.; Yang, M. S.*  A microfluidic device with microbead array for sensitive virus detection and genotyping using quantum dots as fluorescence labels. Biosens Bioelectron (2010), 25, 2402-2407. 
    Impact factor: 5.361
  9. Xu, T.; Li, C.-W.; Yao, X. S.; Cai, G. P.; Yang, M. S.* Microfluidic formation of single cell array for parallel analysis of CRAC channel activation and inhibition. Anal Biochem (2010), 396, 173-179. 
    Impact factor: 3.24
  10. Li, C.-W.; Yang, M. S.* 3-D Streamline Steering by Nodes Arrayed in Entangled Microfluidic Network. Lab Chip (2007), 7, 1712-1716.
    Impact factor: 6.260
  11. Li, C.-W.; Chen, R. S.; Yang, M. S.* Generation of linear and non-linear concentration gradients along microfluidic channel by microtunnel controlled stepwise addition of sample solution. Lab Chip (2007), 7, 1371-1373. 
    Impact factor: 6.260
  12. Li, C.-W.; Yang, J.; Yang, M. S.* Dose-dependent Cell-based Assays in V-shaped Microfluidic Channels.  Lab Chip (2006), 6, 921-929. 
    Impact factor: 6.260
  13. Yi, C. Q.; Li, C.-W.; Jin, S. L.; Yang, M. S.* Microfluidics Technology for Manipulation and Analysis of Biological Cells.  Anal Chim Acta (2006), 560, 1-23.
    Impact factor: 4.310, Times cited > 100
  14. Yi, C. Q.; Zhang, Q.; Li, C.-W.; Yang, J.; Zhao, J.-L.; Yang, M. S.* Optical and Electrochemical Detection Techniques for Cell-based Microfluidic Systems. Anal Bioanal Chem (2006), 384, 1259-1268. 
    Impact factor: 3.841
  15. Li, C.-W.; Yang, J.; Tzang, C. H.; Zhao, J.-L.; Yang, M. S.* Using Thermally Printed Transparency as Photomasks to Generate Microfluidic Structures in PDMS Material. Sens Actuators A (2006), 126, 463-468.  
    Impact factor: 1.933
  16. Yang, M. S.*; Tsoi, P. Y.; Li, C.-W.; Zhao, J.-L.  Analysis of Interactions of Template/primer Duplexes with T7 DNA Polymerase by Oligonucleotide Microarray. Sens Actuators B (2006), 115(1), 428-433.
    Impact factor: 3.368
  17. Yang, M. S.*; Tsoi, P. Y.; Li, C.-W.; Woo, S. H.; Zhao, J.-L.; Yam, W. C. Detection of Mutations in RNA Polymerase Beta Subunit Gene Encoding Resistance to Rifampin in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis by DNA Microarray. Anal Lett (2005), 38(13), 2117-2134.
    Impact factor: 0.920
  18. Tzang, C. H.; Li, C.-W.; Zhao, J.-L.; Yang, M. S.*;  Electrocatalytic Phenol Oxidation on Mixed Pt-RuO2 Nanoparticle Modified Electrode. Anal Lett (2005), 38(11), 1735-1746.
    Impact factor: 0.920
  19. Yang, J.; Li, C.-W.; Yang, M. S.* Hydrodynamic Simulation of Cell Docking in Microfluidic Channels with Different Dam Structures. Lab Chip (2004), 4(1), 53-59.
    Impact factor: 6.260
  20. Li, C.-W.; Cheung, C. N.; Yang, J.; Tzang, C. H.; Yang, M. S.* PDMS-based Microfluidic Device with Multi-height Structures Fabricated by Single-step Photolithography using Printed Circuit Board as Masters. Analyst (2003), 128(9), 1137-1142.
    Impact factor: 3.913
  21. Yang, M. S.*; Li, C.-W.; Yang, J. Cell Docking and On-chip Monitoring of Cellular Reactions with Controlled Concentration Gradient on a Microfluidic Device. Anal Chem (2002), 74(16), 3991-4001.
    Impact factor: 5.874, Times cited > 100
  22. Yang, M. S.*; Yang, J.; Li, C.-W.; Zhao, J.-L. Generation of Concentration Gradient by Diffusive mixing and Consecutive Dilution in a Microfluidic Chip. Lab Chip (2002), 2(3), 158-163. 
    Impact factor: 6.260
  23. Yang, J.; Li, C.-W.; Yang, M. S.*  Lab-on-a-chip (Microfluidics) technology. Acta Bioch Bioph Sin (2002), 34(2), 117-123.
    Impact factor: 1.547


  1. Yang, M. S.; Li, C.-W.; Yang, J. “Apparatus and Methods for On-chip Monitoring of Cellular Reactions” (2009), US Patent No.: 7,560,267.  Issued
  2. Yang, M. S.; Li, C.-W.Portable CCD Based Imager for Microfluidic Device” (2006), PRC Patent No.: ZL200420110784.5.  Issued
  3. Yang, M. S.; Li, C.-W. Apparatus and Methods for On-chip Monitoring of Cellular Reactions” (2003), PRC Patent No.: ZL03120720.0.  Issued


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