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T. Scherngell; L. Su;

J.Y. Ni; Q.R. Zhang; X.J. Kong; H.H. Lin; H.L. Zhuo;

         Master Students

C.J. Huang; S.Q. Tian; Y. Guo; S.N. Man; H.W. Kuok; J.C. Xu; F. Ding; H. You; I.T. Ng; C. Cao; X.M. Geng; H.Y. Liang; J.L. Deng; J.R. Zhao; K.W. Si Tou; M. Wan; P.P. Li;


In terms of the increasing importance of multidisciplinary collaborations in a changing knowledge world, students and researchers majored in Pharmacy, Chinese Medicines, Biotechnology, Informatics, Economics, Management, or related subjects are highly encouraged to apply for PhD programs, Master programs, Postdoctoral Fellow, or Research Assistants to join our research team. For further information, please contact Dr. Hu at yuanjiahu@umac.mo.

Selected Publications

Journals (total, over 80; * corresponding author)

1        F.Ding, Q.R. Zhang, C.O.L. Ung, Y.T. Wang, Y.F. Han, Y.J. Hu*, J. Qi, An analysis of chemical ingredients network of Chinese herbal formulae for the treatment of coronary heart disease, Plos One, 10(2): e0116441, 2015.

2        X.J. Kong, Y.J. Hu*, Z.F. Cai, F.Q. Yang, Q.R. Zhang, Dendritic-cell-based technology landscape: Insights from patents and citation networks, Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics, 11(3):682-688, 2015.

3        X.J. Kong, W.X. Zhou, J.B. Wan, Q.R. Zhang, J.Y. Ni, Y.J. Hu*, An integrative thrombosis network: Visualization and topological analysis. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2: 265303, 2015.

4        H. You., M. Barber, T. Scherngell, J.Y. Ni, Y.J. Hu*, China*s landscape in oncology drug research: Perspectives from research collaboration networks. Chinese Journal of Cancer Research, 27(2):138-147, 2015.

5        Y.J. Hu, T. Scherngell, L. Qiu, Y.T. Wang, R&D internationalisation patterns in the global pharmaceutical industry: Evidence from a network analytic perspective. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 27(5):532-549, 2015.

6        J.Y. Ni, R. Shao, C.O.L. Ung, Y.T. Wang, Y.J Hu*, Y. Cai, Valuation of pharmaceutical patents: A comprehensive analytical framework based on technological, commercial, and legal factors. Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation, 10(3):281-285, 2015.

7        X.M. Geng, X.J. Kong, H. Hu, J.Y. Chen, F.Q. Yang, H.Y. Liang, X. Chen, Y.J. Hu*, Research and development of therapeutic mAbs: An analysis based on pipeline projects, Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics, 11(12):2769-2776, 2015.

8        J.Y. Ni, J.B. Wan, X.J. Kong, Y. Cai, F.Q. Yang, Y.T. Wang, Y.J. Hu*, Pharmaceutical technology licensing: An analysis in the field of cardiovascular disease, Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation, 9(30):1-12, 2015.

9        J.C. Xu, X. J. Kong, L. Qiu, X. M. Geng, Y.J. Hu*, Y.T. Wang, Research and development of anti-Alzheimer*s drugs: An analysis based on technology flows measured by patent citations, Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Patents, 7: 1-10, 2014.

10    T. Scherngell, M. Borowiecki, Y.J. Hu, Effects of knowledge capital on total factor productivity in China: a spatial econometric perspective, China Economic Review, 29: 82-94, 2014.

11    Y.J. Hu*, T. Scherngell, S. N. Man, Y.T. Wang, Is the United States still dominant in the global pharmaceutical innovation network? Plos One, 8(11), e77247, 2013.

12    Y. Guo, Y.J. Hu*, Y.T. Wang, Patent indicators: A window on pharmaceutical market value, Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Patents, 6: 1-6, 2013.

13    J.Y. Ni, J.C. Xu, Y.J. Hu*, L. Su, Y.T. Wang, Cross-regional pharmaceutical technology transfer in China: Patterns and proposed investment strategies, Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science, 8: 1-10, 2013.

14    L. Su, T. Li, Y.J. Hu, J.Y. Chen, Factor analysis on marketing mix of online pharmacies: Based on the online pharmacies in China, Journal of Medical Marketing, 13(2): 93-101, 2013.

15    J.J. Lu, W. Pan, Y.J. Hu*, Y.T. Wang, Multi-target drugs: The trend of drug research and development, Plos One, 7(6): 1-6, 2012.

16    T. Scherngell and Y.J. Hu, Collaborative knowledge production in China: Regional evidence from a gravity model approach, Regional Studies, 45: 755-772, 2011.

17    Y.J. Hu, Y. Bian, Y.T. Wang, Opening the ※black box§ of pharmaceutical patent value: An empirical analysis, Drug Information Journal, 42(6): 561-568, 2008.

18    Y.J. Hu, C. O. L. Ung, Y. Bian, Y.T. Wang, The Chinese pharmaceutical market: Dynamics and a proposed investment strategy (Best Paper Award in 2007), Journal of Medical Marketing, 7(1): 18-24, 2007.

19    Y.J. Hu, F. Geng, Y. Bian, Y.T. Wang, The Chinese pharmaceutical market: Perspectives of the health consumer, Journal of Medical Marketing, 7(4): 295-300, 2007.

20    Y.J. Hu, Y. Bian, Y.T. Wang, Secrets of blockbuster drugs: Data mining for oppositions against patents, Drug Information Journal, 41(3): 425, 2007.

Book Chapters

1          H.W. Kuok, X.J. Kong, Y.J. Hu*, Y.T. Wang, Discovering MiRNAs in Cancer: China's Landscape and the Role of Hong Kong, in Biotechnology in Hong Kong, United States-China Intellectual Property Institute, Hong Kong, 2015.

2        Y.Y. Yu, J.J. Liu, L. Qiu, W. Pan, Y.J. Hu, Y.T. Wang, Situation and Outlook on the Market and Intellectual Properties of Anti-cancer Chinese Medicines, in Technologies and Progresses of Advanced Research on Anti-cancer Chinese Medicines, People's Medical Publishing House, Beijing, 2013.

3        Y.T. Wang, Y. Bian, L. Li, Y.J. Hu, The Development of Macao's Healthcare, in Annual Report on Economy and Society of Macao--Blue Book of Macao 2010, Social Sciences Academic Press, Beijing, 2010.

4        Y.J. Hu, R. Shao, R.L. Song, Y. Bian, L.W. Shi and Y.T. Wang, A Study on the Industrial Policy Law of Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry, in Chinese Medical Sciences Collection Series A- Progress in Medicinal Administration Research, University of Macau Publisher, Macau, 2005.


1          Study on therapeutic targets networks of Xuefu-zhuyu decoction and Gualou-xiebai-banxia decoction for the treatment of coronary artery disease, 13th Annual Conference of Chinese Pharmacological Society, Beijing, November 2015.

2          Network-based identification of therapeutic targets from traditional herbal formulae, 7th Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy (AASP) Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, October 2015.

3          Cross-regional pharmaceutical development in China: An empirical study based on technology transfer, 14th Meeting of Consortium for Globalization of Chinese Medicine (CGCM), London ON, Canada, August 2015.

4         Patent: A powerful indicator to measure drug innovation, Annual Meeting of Law Offices of Albert Wai-Kit Chan, Hong Kong, August 2014.

5         Effects of knowledge capital on total factor productivity in China: A spatial econometric perspective, The 53rd European Regional Science Association Congress, Palermo, Italy, August 2013.

6         Correlation between drug licensing and economic output: evidence from 151 drugs marketed in USA? The 24th Annual EuroMeeting of Drug Information Association, Copenhagen, Denmark, March 2012.

7         What determines pharmaceutical business value: evidence from 127 drugs marketed in USA? 10th Meeting of Consortium for Globalization of Chinese Medicine, Shanghai, August 2011.

8         R&D collaboration networks of Chinese universities in medical field: An empirical analysis based on informetrics, 2011 IEEE International Symposium on IT in Medicine & Education, Guangzhou, China, December 2011.

9         Pharmaceutical patent valuation: Novel models and applications in industry, The 46th Annual Meeting of U.S. Drug Information Association, Washington, D.C. USA, June 2010 (Session Chair).

10     A look at China*s pharmaceutical market, A Workshop on New Paradigms in Life Sciences Marketing by European Business School INSEAD, Paris, France, March 2007.

Academic Services

1.        Project Researcher, The Research Center of National Drug Policy & Ecosystem, 2015 每 Present

2.        Deputy Secretary-General, Specialty Committee on Network Pharmacology, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, 2015 每 Present

3.        Council Member, Specialty Committee of Information, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, 2015 每 Present

4.       Affiliate Member, Chao Kuang Piu College, University of Macau, 2015 每 Present

5.       Commissioner, Commission on Network Pharmacology, Chinese Pharmacological Society, 2014 每 Present

6.       Member, Macau Society of Social Sciences, 2010 - Present

7.       Member, The Pharmaceutical Society of Macao, 2009 - Present

8.       Member, International Society for Chinese Medicine, 2008 每 Present

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Macao, China

Office: Room 2053, N22
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E-mail address: yuanjiahu@umac.mo