Nomination documents:

1) Academic Transcript in English which shows the accumulated CPA of the nominees;
2) Programme & Year of Study the nominees are applying
3) Course Selection Form
4) CV
5) Personal Statement
6) Recommendation Letter from home university
7) The research project for Postgraduate Students if they would like to take research-based programs in UM



  • Undergraduate Exchange Students Information Package 2016/2017 [DOWNLOAD]new Update
  • Postgraduate Exchange Students Information Package 2016/2017 [DOWNLOAD]new Update
  • Instruction for Medical Examination [DOWNLOAD]


An online application link will be sent to each exchange student in March – April 2016. Please prepare the following to be uploaded,

• Testimonial (Letter of selection issued by home university with exchange period)
• Copy of ID Card & 港澳通行証 (For Mainland Exchange Students only)
• Copy of Passport
1. For International Exchange Students only Remark
2. Expiry date: at least 1 month after end of exchange period
• Transcripts (academic report / course grades issued by home university)
• Copy of Medical Insurance (covers the period of stay in Macau)



  • Original Medical Examination Form [DOWNLOAD]
    Remark 1. To be done within THREE months before coming to Macau (except Mainland China Exchange Students)
    Remark 2. Medical check-up done at home country must be signed by home doctor for validation.
  • ENGLISH Report /Film of the X-Ray Test on Lungs
  • Copy of Tetanus Vaccination Record
  • 2 Colored Passport-sized Photos (with white background)