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Hong Kong, Taiwan & Foreign students

Admission for Hong Kong and Foreign Students
(For Bachelor's Degree only)
(Not applicable to Mainland china applicants)


The Jesuits came to Macao in the middle of the 16th century to start their religious and cultural exchange activities.  They founded St. Paul’s College, the first western-style teaching institution in the Far East. The college closed down in the middle of the 18th century. In 1981, the founding of the privately owned University of East Asia signified the birth of Macao’s modern higher education.  The Macau Foundation acquired the university and restructured it in 1988. In 1991, with the establishment of the University Charter, the University of East Asia was renamed the University of Macau.  During these 30 years, the University of Macau grows up hand in hand with Macao, with the mission of nurturing talents for society. It seeks excellent teaching and research quality and endeavours to develop into an international comprehensive university.

Compared with its first intake of fewer than a hundred students, the University of Macau now serves more than 8,500 students, in over 130 bachelor, master’s, PhD and other programmes.  English is the medium of instruction although Chinese, Japanese or Portuguese are used in some programmes.  Its curricula lay equal stress on teaching and practice.  In order to enable students to apply what they have learned in class, internship opportunities are offered to students coming from programmes such as communication, education, gaming management and engineering.

At present, the major academic units of University of Macau (UM) include: Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences, Graduate School and Honours College, as well as Centre for Continuing Education, Centre for Macau Studies and English Language Centre.

The University of Macau has more than 460 faculty members from countries all over the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao. They possess rich teaching experience and strong expertise. Over 250 members have doctoral degrees in related subjects, and many of them hold PhD degrees awarded by world-wide top universities such as Oxford University, University of California, Los Angeles, California Institute of Technology, Peking University and University of Melbourne. This teaching team includes world famous academics such as Nobel laureates and China Academy of Engineering members.

Application period in 2014/2015

The application period for Hong Kong, Taiwan and Foreign students:

For Bachelor's Degree:

  1. Admission Examination (Application period: 27 January to 24 February, 2014);

  2. Direct/Transfer Admission (Application period: 1 to 30 April, 2014).
Admission Procedures
  1. Online application forms will be available during the application period.  Applicants should submit their application via the Online Application System of the University at

  2. You must have an email address to register as a new user in order to submit an application.  Applicants who have successfully registered will receive a login number (e.g. 140xxxxxx) and password by email.  You must keep such information to login to your account throughout the whole application procedure.  If you fail to receive the email within 2 days, please contact us by phone at tel: 83974007 during office hours.

  3. Applicants must scan and upload the following documents to the Online Application System:

    1. I.D. card/Passport copy (both sides on one A4 paper and PDF format);

    2. Photo (passport size photo in JPEG/GIF/PNG format preferably in JPEG file with 300dpi, with no border and white background);

    3. Required academic documents specified in our Admission Regulation.

      NOTE:        Total size for all documents should not be greater than 6MB.  Applications without the above-mentioned documents will not be processed.

  4. Applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee by the deadline of the application period.  For details, please follow the payment instructions as stipulated on the website.  Applications will be regarded as invalid should the applicant fail to pay the application fee.

  5. Once the application fee is settled, an acknowledgment email with an application number (AP-B4-XXXX-X) will be sent to you by email.  Applications without an application number will not be regarded as valid.  If you do not receive any acknowledgment email within 2 days, please contact us by email at

  6. Each applicant can submit one on-line application only.  Applications via Direct / Transfer Admission channel will allow a maximum of 2 programme choices.  Upon registration as a new user on-line, applicants can revise any information as well as programme choice whether or not you have submitted your application or paid the application fee.  However, no further revision or change of programme choice can be made after 23:59 on the date of the application deadline.

For details of admission requirement, please refer to the

To proceed on-line application, please click [ here ].

Tuition Fees
Please refer to tuition fees page.
Application Fees

The amount of application fee is MOP400.00 (around US50.00 for Admission Examination) and MOP150.00 (around US19.00 for Direct/Transfer Admission) and non-refundable.  Non-local applicants should pay by credit card online, bank drafts or cashier's orders drawn on a bank in Macao and made payable to "University of Macau".  An additional handling charge of MOP50.00 (around US8.00) is required for each foreign bank draft or cashier’s order.  However, the exact amount of handling fees depends on the amount charged by banks. Our university reserves the right to recover the difference.

US1.00 approximately equals to MOP7.90 (subject to exchange rate fluctuation)

Cost of Living

It is difficult to provide a precise estimate of the likely cost because it varies from one person to another.  Generally a minimum of MOP30,000 (around US$3,800) base on 10 months will cover the meals, transportation and other living expenses.


UM will be relocating to its new campus in 2014/2015 academic year. With the planned establishment of 10 residential colleges (RC) on the new campus, UM is fully committed to the implementation of whole-person education. For new students admitted in 2014/2015 academic year, they will be required to live in the RC. RC fees are set at MOP20,000 (around US$2,532) for non-local students. The fee will include fifteen meals per week, activities, overseas exchange (applicants who meet certain requirements), water and electricity subsidies etc. Each RC will consist of around 500 residents and will have its own facilities including dormitories, dining halls, study rooms, small libraries, computer and recreational amenities. Being guided by the College Heads and other teachers, students and teachers of different backgrounds will live and learn in the RCs. Through peer encouragement and cooperation, students will be expected to acquire self-discipline, develop the ability to act independently, and realize whole-person development.


According to the Law of Macau, all non-local students (except Hong Kong SAR Resident) studying at Macau's tertiary education institutions have to apply for the Stay Permit (Student Visa). The Stay Permit is valid for 1 year and has to be renewed every academic year. Student Affairs Office will arrange for the first time application of all freshmen and exchange students.  For details, please refer to the website of our Student Affairs Office at

Medical Service

On-campus medical clinic is available at UM providing consultation, treatment and medication services on presentation of students' Campus Card.  Dormitory students are covered by medical insurance scheme with certain insurance benefits.  The insurance premium is included in the dormitory fee.  More information on this scheme can be found at web site


For further enquiry, please contact Registry.
Tel: (853) 8397 4007
Fax: (853) 2884 0019

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