Our Profile


Information and Communication Technology Office (ICTO) has offices located in Administration Building and Central Teaching Building, and provides general computing services to all staff and students of the University. The Office is organized to serve three main sections:


Vision & Mission

ICTO aspires to grow with the University in stature, academic excellence, and international recognition by constantly exploring, planning and using appropriate and advanced information technology to improve teaching, learning and research, as well as to streamline administration and workflow.

ICTO will maintain its leadership in information technology in Macau and will develop a digital campus to support all related areas of teaching, research and administration in partnership with faculties and administrative units.


Our Strategy

  • We will raise information-technology awareness and literacy among our staff and students to fully utilize our IT resources in teaching, learning and administration.
  • We will provide professional and reliable IT resources as well as services to promote full use of our facilities.
  • We will nurture ICTO staff in latest advances and open standards in all related areas of information technology to assist in the future development of the University.


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