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About Macao and Mode of Access

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About Macao

First comers who are looking for a comprehensive guide to Macao, including modes of access, hotel accommodation, sightseeing spots, UNESCO heritage, visa requirement, etc, please click MGTO.


Modes of Access

A. From Your City/Country to Macao - By Air

Macao has an international airport located in Taipa Island with direct flights daily or several times per week to Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, Beijing and some major cities in China.

 Macao International Airport: http://www.macau-airport.com/


B. From Hong Kong to Macao

a) By Sea 
If there is no direct flight reaching Macao from your city/country, visitors will arrive at the Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok (CLK) International Airport in most cases. Visitors will depart from HKCLK International Airport to Macao by sea afterwards. 

From HKCLK International Airport to Macao by Sea

  • Sky Pier (Sea Express) offers ferry service that will depart directly from the HKCLK International Airport to Macao Ferry Terminal without passing through immigration in HK.


b) By Helicopter 
Moreover, visitors can travel to and from the following three places, Hong Kong, Macao and Shenzhen, by helicopter. Each flight takes approximately 16-20 minutes and this service is provided at the Shun Tak Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong and the Macao Ferry Terminal.

C. From Zhuhai or nearby cities to Macao - By Land
The Barrier Gate (Chinese border) in Zhuhai, Gongbei is opened daily from 7:30 AM to midnight and the COTAI Frontier Post in Zhuhai, Hengqin to the Macao, Taipa-Coloane Reclaimed Area operates from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Visitors from Zhuhai or other regions in Mainland China must pass through the Customs at the Gate to visit Macao.