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Summer Programmes and Study Tour

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Most summer programmes and study tour are not listed as exchange programmes.  Although some faculties may run their own programmes, many are operated by Global Affairs Office and Students Affairs Office.  Students should contact the Faculty's General Office, Global Affairs Office and Students Affairs Office for the latest list of summer programmes and study tour open for application.

Summer Programmes and Study Tour operated by Global Affairs Office: UM Global i.


Guildlines, application procedures and selection criteria

(1) All application materials must be submitted IN PERSON on time. Applications submitted by representatives will not be accepted.
(2) If the programme is during the semester’s classes, students MUST get the approval of his/her Faculty’s programme coordinators before applying to the programme. If declaration letter is requested, the Global Affairs Office could issue the letter, but the rights to make a final decision are reserved for the Faculties.
(3) If the number of applications received for a particular programme EXCEEDS the quota, participants will be invited to a selection interview. If the applicant is not available to attend the interview, he/she MUST get approval from the Global Affairs Office. Otherwise, he/she is considered to have withdrawn his/her application automatically.
(4) All successful applicants will be notified by email and MUST attend the pre-departure briefing.  If a student fails to do so, he/she is considered to have withdrawn his/her application automatically.
(5) Students accepted to the summer programmes are responsible for applying for appropriate travel and/or transit visas. 
(6) Without the Global Affairs Office’s approval, students MUST NOT quit in the middle of the programme or extend the travel period.
(7) Programme modifications may be necessary, but every effort will be made to avoid any inconvenience caused to students.
(8) If the programme is sponsored or partly sponsored by the Global Affairs Office, all payments will be settled by bank-transfer. Please write your full name and student number on the receipts.
(9) Late or incomplete documents WILL NOT BE accepted.
(10) Check the Bulletin for application procedures and for additional information.