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Pre-departure and Arrival Information

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General Pre-departure Checklist

  1. Conduct some research about your host university, destination city and country
  2. Apply for a valid visa
  3. Ensure your current passport will remain valid throughout your visiting period.
  4. Book your flight
  5. Purchase relevant travel/medical/health insurance
  6. Settle academic matters
  7. Obtain emergency contacts of persons in your home university in case you need to seek assistance during your stay abroad.  Simultaneously, leave the name of a contact person at your host university with your family so that they can reach you through this person, if needed
  8. Emotional and physical preparation

You should ensure that you are covered by comprehensive health, accident, personal property and travel insurance, especially if you plan to travel for personal leisure during the visiting period.

  1. Make sure you are medically fit and you have met the health requirements set by the host country before you depart.
  2. Leave a copy of the insurance policy and number to your family.

Arrival Checklist

  1. Report to your family right after arrival
  2. Familiarize yourself with the campus and the neighborhood of your hall/residence
  3. Apply for identification documents, like university identity card, library card, etc.
  4. Get an university email account and inform your family and friends of your new email address
  5. Open a bank account, for depositing a large amount of cash (if any) and settle all outstanding bills before you end the exchange

Arrival Arrangement

  1. Confirm your arrival details and inform your hall/hostel/host family of your arrival date and time well in advance.
  2. Make sure you have the necessary information and local currency to get from the airport to the hall/residence.


Pre-departure Notebook