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Applications will be invited twice a year.

Application Period for Exchange in 2018/2019, Semester 1:

1 February 2018, 10:00 -2 March 2018, 23:59

*Apply via the Outgoing Exchange Scholarship Application System (OESAS): https://isw.umac.mo/oesas during application period.


1. Once you have submitted your exchagne application, you can apply for the OES. Applicants do not need to wait for the result of your exchange application. GAO will cross check your application status with faculty coordinators during applications assessment.

2. Applicants are suggested to access the online application system by using Firefox and Internet Explorer. Successful applicants will receive a notification email after a completed application. In case you do not receive any notification email, please contact Global Affairs Office.

3. Please check carefully whether you have submitted your application successfully. Late and incomplete application will not be considered.

4. Please read through Outgoing Exchange Scholarship Guideline (OES-G1) before you start the applicaion. For Type 1: Financial Neediness applicants, you will be asked to submit the following supplementary documents in order to assess your financial situation:

- Copies of personal identification (Macao ID) of the applicant and all family members living with applicant

- Income and Expense Declaration -OES-A3

- Declaration of Income (Employed) - OES-A4-1, if applicable

- Declaration of Income (Non-employed) - OES-A4-2, if applicable

- Nil Declaration of Income - OES-A5, if applicable

- Other supporting documents that can help to reflect your current financial status