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Step 1: Find out more about UM student exchange programmes and application procedures
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  • Read through the Exchange Partner Directory and this website.
  • Attend Exchange Programme & Outgoing Exchange Scholarship (OES) Briefings held in September (for 2nd semester) and January/February (for 1st semester).  For more information about OES, please read through the OES booklet or visit OES's website.
  • Check for application schedule, important dates and deadlines set by your faculty and Global Affairs Office.


Step 2: Choose your exchange university (Click for details)

  • Look for your desired exchange programmes from the website offered by your faculty or GAO.
  • Obtain details of selected institutions from office offering the exchange programme.
  • Consult your programme coordinator about course selection, credit tranferability and academic advice.


Step 3: Apply for Xchange@UM (Click for details)

  • Download the application form online from the website of the concerned faculty.  Read the instructions and complete the form carefully.
  • Obtain the required documents as set by the office in charge of the exchange programme.
  • Submit your completed application form together with the required documents to the office in charge of the programme before application deadline.
  • You may be invited to an interview, if required.
  • Apply Outgoing Exchange Scholarship at the same time.


Step 4: Complete your application for the host university (Click for details)

  • If your application at UM is successful, you will be notified by the concerned faculty through email.
  • Complete the application form required by the host university for which you have been nominated by UM.
  • Obtain any required documents set by the host university.
  • Receive an offer of admission from the host university and other related information in due time.


Step 5: Pre-departure Preparation (Click details)

  • Confirm with your programme coordinator on choice of courses selection.
  • Inform your faculty’s general office, programme coordinator and academic advisor of result of application.
  • Apply for the necessary visa.
  • Make your flight arrangements.
  • Obtain travel and health insurance (either with the host university or with an agent).  Leave a copy of insurance policy and number to your family.
  • Make dormitory arrangement during the period of exchange.
  • Get tips from students of all “must-knows” about the exchange destination.
  • Research on your exchange university, destination city and country.
  • Obtain emergency contacts of persons in UM and leave a name of contact person of your host university to your family.
  • Make sure you are in good health conditions.
  • Pack your bag, and GO!