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Pre-departure Matters

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After knowing the result from the host university and before arriving at the host university, the student should have a good level of preparedness for exchange.  There are many things you may help yourself prepare for a memorable and productive exchange.  They include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Attend pre-departure briefing;
  • Arrange visa, if required;
  • Arrange insurance and leave a copy of insurance policy and number to your family;
  • Research on your exchange university, destination city and country;
  • Arrange health check;
  • Complete and submit the emergency contact sheet to your host department
  • Obtain emergency contacts of persons in UM in case you need to seek help from your home university during your study abroad.  Simultaneously, leave a name of contact person of your host university to your family so that they can reach you through this person, if need;
  • Prepare yourself mentally and physically, and get ready for the journey!


Download Pre-departure Notebook