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Going on exchange is your life turning point and you can get to know yourself and the world better!  Not only will you broaden your educational horizons but also learn how to see things from a global perspective.  UM has established formal exchange partnerships with over 60 institutions around the world.  There are many universities and countries you may consider to exchange to.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!


Why exchange?

  • Experience a different learning environment and explore a foreign culture
  • Tuition fee is waived for your study at the host university
  • Outgoing Exchange Scholarship is available to subsidize part of the expenses
  • Master a second language and study something different
  • Meet new friends with diverse cultural background and develop valuable social networks for the future
  • Develop independence and learn to approach challenges in the best possible manner


How long is the exchange?

Exchange programmes are available for one semester or one academic year.  It is important to consider your programme requirements at UM, your financial situation as well as your own goals and objectives when determining the length of your exchange.


Now, see what your fellow students say about their exchange experience:

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Pre-departure Notebook

Exchange Partners Directory