A friendly welcome to each and everyone who visits the web pages of the Department of Psychology in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Macau. Our department is now firmly established on the new campus of the University of Macau on Hengqin, and where we aim to further extend our leadership in the field of psychology in the region with a vibrant and talented community of scholars from around the globe offering excellent teaching, conducting exciting research, and providing dedicated services to various local and international communities. Starting in 2002 with a small contingent of dedicated faculty and an undergraduate programme in psychology, we have grown exponentially and now also offer postgraduate training at both masters and doctoral levels. The purpose of receiving training in psychology at UM is not only to gain insight into the fascinating world of human behaviour, but also to learn how to apply this knowledge to different personal and professional contexts. In addition to being a scientific discipline, psychology has a professional and vocational role, and engages in the assessment of mental disability and mental illness subsequently contributing to treatment, rehabilitation and training of individuals with these conditions. Psychologists are also involved in diverse areas such as school counselling, human resources, occupational guidance, and the development of health education and other public campaigns. As a leader in psychological research and training, we thus have established local, regional and global links to promote the discipline of Psychology and its applications within Chinese communities everywhere. We invite you to consider the many opportunities that our community of scholars, the university and the department have to offer!