Mooting and Advocacy Skills

Mooting and Advocacy skills are usually part of Bachelor education in law. However, students do not get uniform exposure to such skills as often the skills are developed by select number of students who participate in mooting competitions. The limited exposure to mooting experiences often leave students with lack of argumentative and or advocacy skills. Students who experience limitation in such skills could always revive opportunities during their higher studies. Although generally mooting competitions are limited to bachelor students, many mooting events tend to encourage full time master and postgraduate students to participate. There are distinct mooting competitions relating to the three areas of specialization, which takes place all round the year in the region as well as internationally. Students who enroll in the Masters and Postgraduate programs could organize teams for preparing for such mooting competitions and seek the guidance or support of the academic staff of the Faculty. As a part of the program, individual teachers have organized class room mooting event related to the courses taught, which also provides a very good opportunity for our students to develop mooting and advocacy skills.

Some of the Mooting Competitions Students could consider preparing for includes:

  • Moot Advocacy Club Campus Moot Competition
  • European Law Moot Court Competition
  • Jessup International Law Moot Competition
  • Red Cross Humanitarian Law Moot Competition
  • Willem C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot

Moot and Advocacy Club of University of Macau