Master of Law Program in International Business Law

Doing legal research at the library of the University of Macau

The International Library of the University of Macau is a general library for all disciplines. Consequently, legal information is not fully separated from other matters. The library has a considerable collection of legal sources; however, they are located in various places of the three library floors. The following provides some guidance on where the bulk of the legal materials are physically located.

Most books classified as reference books can be found in the Documentation Center in the ground floor (towards the left as you enter the library). The Documentation Center is particularly strong on documents from international organizations, and also holds the thesis that have been defended in the Law Faculty (which are clearly signposted towards the end of the main room).

Legal monographies are located in the first floor of the library, mostly under the K category (towards the right as you enter); be sure to check the K, KK, and KKP categories. The first floor also has two specialized Macau Rooms (towards the left as you enter), one for periodicals and other for monographies; both have legal sources.

Paper subscriptions to legal periodicals are found in the second floor of the library (towards the right as you enter), and are arranged by alphabetic order.

The library has also a fast growing number of online legal resources.

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