Academic Staff

Shijian Mo 莫世健
Chair Professor


Other Roles
  • Chairman of the Graduate Studies Committee of Faculty of Law
  • Member of UM Senate
  • Member of Academic Quality Assurance Committee (AQAC)
Academic Qualifications
  • PhD in Law, Sydney University of Australia;
  • LLM, Dalhousie University of Canada;
  • LLB, Monash University of Australia
  • Bachelor of Law, Jilin University of China
Teaching Area
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Hong Kong Contract Law
  • Common Law
  • History of Legal Cultures
  • Private International Law
Selected Publications

Professor Mo has authored or edited 15 books and one of his books, International Commercial Law is in its 5th edition in 2012.  He has also published more than 150 articles in both English and Chinese. Some of his recent works are as follows:
    • International Economic Law, ed, Beijing, CUPL Press, 2008, 552 pages, in Chinese;
    • International Commercial Law, 4th edn, Sydney Lexis Nexis Butterworths, 2009, 938 pages;
    • A Critical Examination of Chinese Position in the Auto Part Dispute (2006) Vol.13 James Cook University Law Review 167-186;
    • Security and Legal Implications of Sino-Korean FTA, Vol.1 No.2 Sept 2007, Korean Journal of Security and Trade  pp 195-209;
    • Future Development of China’s Maritime Law in Light of the New UN Convention on the Carriage of Goods, (2009) Vol 1, East Asia Maritime Law Review  43-72;
    • Understanding the Role of People’s Mediation in the Age of Globalization, Vol 17 (2009) Asia Pacific Law Review  75-88;
    • Determination of Performing Party’s Liability under the Rotterdam Rules, Vol 18 No 2 (2010) Asia Pacific Law Review 243-258;
    • The Present Status of Development of Nuclear Energy and Policy Issues for Green Energy in China, (2010) Kyung Hee Law Journal 600-615;
    • A New Haven Approach to the Establishment of a Bilateral Mechanism to Prevent and Resolve Trade Conflicts in the China-Korea FTA,SungKyunkwan Journal of Science & Technology Law, VOL. 4 No. 1(2010.06) pp.7-20;
    • A “New Haven” Solution to the Protection of Private Rights in China’s FTAs, vol 19, No 2 (2011) Asia Pacific Law Review 135;
    • Double remedy and illegality of the EU determinations to impose concurrent duties on the imported coasted fine products, 2011 volume 45 number 3, La Revue Juridique Themis, pp 495-539;
    • Rational Options for China’s Role in the Development of International Shipping Market Order at the Rotterdam Age, Vol 22:1 (March 2011) Annual of China Maritime Law pp 34-42, in Chinese;
    • Analysis about Legality for a Concurrent Application of Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duties Versus Illegality of Double Counting (Part 1), Vol 208 (Issue 6, 2011) Law Science Magazine pp 59-66, in Chinese;
    • Analysis about Legality for a Concurrent Application of Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duties Versus Illegality of Double Counting (Part 2), Vol 209 (Issue 7, 2011) Law Science Magazine pp 15-19, in Chinese;
    • Preliminary Study of the Future Application of Countervailing Measures against Non-Market Economies: With a Reference to Legal Reasoning as Seen in GPX International Tire Cooperation v United States, 2012 Number 4 Macau Law Review pp 1-20 (in Chinese).

    Professional Affiliations
    • Member of Governing Council of UNIDROIT (2009-2013)
    • Associate Member of International Academy of Comparative Law
    • Vice President of China Society for International Economic Law
    • Vice President of China Society of International Commercial Law
    • Standing Council Member of China International Law Society
    • Standing Council Member of China Private International Law Society
    • Arbitrator of China International Economic and Trade Commission
    • Arbitrator of China Maritime Arbitration Commission
    • Arbitrator of Shenzhen Arbitration Commission
    • Advisor to China Coastal Guard Law Enforcement Centre
    • Adjunct Professor of City University of Hong Kong Law School
    • Adjunct Research Fellow of Hong Kong WTO Research Centre
    • Member of the Academic Committee of the National Research Centre for Air Traffic Management Law and Standard
    • Barrister at the Supreme Court of Queensland, Australia
    • Barrister and Solicitor at the Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia

    Contact Details

    Faculty of Law (FLL)
    University of Macau, E32,
    Avenida da Universidade, Taipa,
    Macau, China.

    Room: 3005
    Telephone: 88224791

    E-mail address: