Walter King Yan HO, Ph.D. 何敬恩

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education

Interim College Master, Choi Kai Yau College

University of Macau









Room 2020, E33 / Room G008, W12, University of Macau, Av. da Universidade, Taipa, Macau, China

(853) 8822 8734 (Office)

(853) 6618 2953 (Mobile)

(853) 8822 2402




1.        PhD, University of Sydney

2.        MEd, University of Sydney

3.        BEd, (Physical Education) Edith Cowan University

4.        Advanced Course of Teacher Education (PE), Grantham College of Education

5.        Teacher's Certificate, Northcote College of Education






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External Grants

1.    Supervisor – Living in Motion 123 (2016 to present; Formerly known as Active 123; Macau DSEJ funded project for health development of students in Macau Schools) 

2.    Supervisor – Active 123 (Primary) & Active 123 (Secondary) (2015 to 2016; DSEJ, Macau SAR funded project; Research and developmental project for health development of students in Macau Schools)

3.    Supervisor – Active Kid 123 (2011 to 2015); DSEJ, Macau SAR funded project; Research and developmental project for health development of students in Macau Schools)

4.    Coordinator – Certificate Program for School Leisure Activities (SLA) Specialists (2008 to present; DSEJ, Macau SAR funded project; Training & developmental program for Macau School Leisure Activities Specialists)

5.    Principle Investigator - PE Key Learning Area Review (2011 to 2013; Curriculum Development Institute, EDB, HKSAR funded project; Research and evaluation for the physical education curriculum review in Hong Kong)

6.    Project Supervisor - Fitness Award Scheme (Pilot Project) (2008 to 2011; DSEJ, Macau SAR funded project)


Internal Grants (UM)

7.    Principle Investigator – Designed to Move – Asian Study for Active Lifestyle Development in Students (2015 to present) 

8.    Principle Investigator – A Research on Quality Physical Education and Sport – Benchmarks, Strategies, Improvement and Global Development (2011 to 2015)





1.         Immediate past President (2017 to present) – International Society for Comparative Physical Education and Sports

2.         President (2008 to 2016) – International Society for Comparative Physical Education and Sports

3.         Vice-President in education (2009 to 2016) – International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education

4.         Vice- President in Asian Region (2008 to 2012) – Federation Internationale d’Education Physique FIEP

5.         Member (2010 to present) – International Society for Comparative Physical Education and Sport Editorial Committee

6.         Executive Editorial Board member (2009 to present) – Pan-Asian Journal of Sports & Physical Education

7.         Editorial Board Member (2008 to present) – International Journal of Eastern Sports & Physical Education

8.         Member (Editorial Board) (2008) – International Convention for Science, Education and Medicine in Sport 2008 (Guangzhou)

9.         Association Representative (2007 to 2008 & 2017 to present) – International Committee for Sport Pedagogy (ICSP)

10.     Executive Board Member (2006 to 2008) – International Society for Comparative Physical Education and Sport

11.     Secretary (Local Organizing Committee (2006 to 2008) – 16th Biennial Conference of International Society for Comparative Physical Education and Sport 2008

12.     Secretary – Scientific Committee (2006 to 2008) – 16th Biennial Conference of International Society for Comparative Physical Education and Sport 2008