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Shing On LEUNG, Ph.D. 梁成安

Associate Professor

Faculty of Education, University of Macau








WG12, K. C. Wong Building

Av. Padre Tomas Pereira, Taipa, Macau, China

(853) 8397 4546

(853) 2883 8321




Prof Shing On LEUNG is now Associate Professor in Faculty of Education, and Director of Centre for Continuing Education, University of Macau. His teaching and research areas are in educational measurement and applications of statistics in education social sciences.




·        2002  Postgraduate Certificate in Curriculum and Assessment, Open University Hong Kong

·       1985-1990   External Ph.D. University of London under the supervision of Professor D.J. Bartholomew, London School of Economics

·       1983-1984   M.Sc. in Statistics, London School of Economics

·       1979-1982   B.Soc.Sc. in Statistics, University of Hong Kong




·       Educational Evaluation

·       Educational Research

·       Data Analysis 




Research Interest

·       Educational Measurement

·       Latent Variable Modeling

·       Goodness-of-fit for High-way Contingency Tables

·       Application of Statistics in Education




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·       Li, Hui; Tse, Shek Kam Tse: Wong, Jessie Ming Sin; Wong, Eileen Chin Mei and Leung, Shing On Leung (2013) The development of interrogative forms and functions in early childhood Cantonese, First Language, 33(2) 168-181.  Published/Hosted by Sage Publications, ISSN (printed): 0142-7237. ISSN (electronic): 1740-2344.

·       Tse, Shek Kam; Li, Hui and Leung, Shing On  (2012)  Tense and temporality: How young children express time in Cantonese.  Chinese Language and Discourse, 3, 1, 35-56.  ISSN: 1877-7031

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·       Leung, S. O.  (2009)  Subjective Social Economic Status of Adolescence in Macau.  International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 15, 145-153.  ISSN: 0267-3843.

·       Mok, M. M. C.; Kennedy, K. J.; Moore, P. J.; Shan, W. J. & Leung, S. O.  (2008)  The use of help-seeking by Chinese secondary school students: Challenging the myth of “the Chinese Learner”.  Evaluation Research in Education, Special Issue on Chinese Learners.  ISSN: 0950-0790

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·       Wong, S. H.; Sio, M. F. & Leung, S. O. (2007) An exploratory study of “words by words” teaching method on competence and interest of learning Chinese words for primary two students in Macau.  Educational Research Journal, 22, 1, 111-133.  (王少霞、蕭美歡、梁成安。探討「基本字帶字」識字法對小二學生認記漢字能力及興趣的效應。教育研究學報)  ISSN: 1560-8263.

·       Sachs, John and Leung, S. O.  (2007)  Shortened versions of Fennema-Sherman mathematic attitude scales employing trace information.  Psychologia, 50, 224-235.  ISSN: 0033-2852.  SSCI cited

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·       Mok, M. M. C., Leung, S. O., & Shan, P. W. J. (2005). A Comparative Study on the Self-directed learning of Primary Students in Hong Kong and Macau. International Journal of Self-directed Learning, 2(2), 39-54.  ISSN: 1934-3701 (

·       Leung, S. O. and Sachs, John  (2005)  Bhargava and Ishizuka’s BI-method: A Neglected Method for Variable Selection.  The Journal of Experimental Education, summer,73(4), 353-367.  ISSN: 0022-0973.  SSCI cited

·       Leung, S. O.  (2004)  A scale and norm for social economic status of secondary school students in Macau.  Journal of Macau Studies, 25, 197-207. 澳門研究十二月, Dec, 25(2004.12)

·       Leung, S. O.  (2003)  A practical use of vertical equating by combining IRT equating and linear equating. Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation, Oct, 8(23). Available online:

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·       Leung, S. O.  (1992)  Estimation and Application of Latent Variable Models in Categorical Data Analysis.  British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 45, 311-328.  SSCI cited



·       梁成安2002香港土風舞歷史(History of Folk Dancing in Hong Kong)中華書局出版社.  ISBN: 962-459-011-7.




·       Mok, M.C., Shan, W. J., Cheng, Y.C., & Leung, S. O. (2007). Self-directed learning as a key approach to effectiveness of education: A comparison among Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. , In Tony Townsend & Yin Cheong Cheng (Eds). International Handbook on School Effectiveness and Improvement.  New York/ Dordrecht: Springer.

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·       馬珍娜、梁成安(2003)。美國基基團簡介發展。來看看吧!基團小錦囊。香港天主教基層基督徒團體聯會出版,第7.4章,頁114-117

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·       Kong, Z. W.; Lei, S. M. Alice and Leung, S. O. (2011)  Survey of Sports Venues in Macao "澳門體育場地之調查"  Funded by Macau Sport Development Board, Macau Government "澳門特別行政區政府體育發展局"  MOP$842,600

·       Leung, S. O.  (2010)  with Prof Tse Shek Kam, Dr Loh Ka Yee, Dr Wong Ming Wai and Dr Lam Wai Yip.  PIRLS research project in Hong Kong - an international study of reading achievement of age 9 children

·       Leung, S. O.  (2010)  A tracking study on the cognition and attitude of uses of drugs for students in Macao 澳門在學青少年及大專生使用藥物之認知和態度追蹤調查  Funded by the Social Welfare Bureau, Macau Government.  MOP$394,485

·       Leung, S. O.  (2006)  Research on Cognitive Development of students and criminal age study.  澳門刑事責任年齡研究之澳門青少年心智發展研究  Funded by Legal Affair Bureau, Macau Government. MOP$189,000

·       單文經、楊秀玲、張國祥、張春莉、田野、王秉正、黃素君、鄭祖基、謝建成、伍美蓮、梁成安、施達明(2006)。澳門非高等教育課程的檢視與改革路向。主辦單位:澳門特別行政區政府教育暨青年局。研究單位:澳門大學教育學院教育研究中心。(MOP$740,000)

·       梁成安2003)。澳門大學生與藥物調查研究報告(Study on Tertiary Students' Knowledge and Attitude towards Drugs in Macau)主辦單位:澳門特別行政區政府社會工作局。研究單位:澳門大學教育學院教育研究中心。MOP$97,625

·       梁成安(召集人)、老志鈞、張碧蓮、李小賓、阮佩賢、汪甄南、伍助志、廖桂萍、余詠恩、林松孝(2001)。澳門基礎教育學科能力檢定性評核研究報告。主辦單位:澳門特別行政區政府教育暨青年局。研究單位:澳門大學教育學院教育研究中心。(MOP$748,000)

·       梁成安、與李小鵬(2001)。澳門青少年與藥物調查研究報告(Study on Youth's Knowledge and Attitude towards Drugs in Macau)主辦單位:澳門特別行政區政府社會工作局。研究單位:澳門大學教育學院教育研究中心。(MOP$100,000)

·       Siu, Ping Kee; Fan, Kwok; So, Yuet Wah and Leung, S. O. (1999 to 2000).  Research Study on the Development of Chinese Language Competence of Primary School Children「香港小學學童中國語文能力的評量及發展過程的研究」Support Unit, Standing Committee on Language Education and Research, Education and Manpower Bureau, Hong Kong Government.(HK$6,360,405)

·       陳桂涓、鄺倩薇、謝錫金、梁成安、梁淑群、巢偉儀1999)。「香港幼兒語言發展研究」。(HK$500,000)

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·       葉倩玲YE Qianling)(2013)。澳門3-6歲幼兒粵語疑問句型與功能之研究A study of forms and functions of interrogative sentences for children aged 3 to 6 in Macao)。澳門大學教育學院教育碩士論文

·       XuMeng Lin(徐夢琳(2012) (In English).  A Study of Relationship between Coping Styles and Mood States for Student-athletes and Non-athletes in Beijing and Macau(應對方式與心境的關係對學生運動員及非運動員的比較研究)M.Ed. thesis, Faculty of Education, University of Macau

·       潘瀟瀟Pan Xiao Xiao)(2012)。內地學生選擇高等院校影響因素之研究。(A Study of Factors on College Choices of Mainland China Students)。澳門大學教育學院教育碩士論文

·       李天榮Lei Tin Weng)(2012)。澳門高三學生選擇高等院校的考量因素之研究。A Study on factors on college choices of Macao Form Six Students)。澳門大學教育學院教育碩士論文

·       曾瑪莉Chang Ma Lei Mary)(2010)(with Excellent)。澳門中小學教師個人背景、組織公平與組織公民行為關係之研究Relationship among Organizational Citizenship Behaviour, Organizational Justice Behaviour and Teachers’ Background on Teachers in Macao)。澳門大學教育學院教育碩士論文

·       劉綺芬Lao I Fan)(2010)。澳門學生背景、社經地位和家庭資源對學業成就影響研究。Effects of students’ background, social economic status and family resources towards academic competence in Macao)。澳門大學教育學院教育碩士論文

·       杜嘉慧To Ka Wai)(2007)。澳門小學生在英語科自我學習能力及其相關因素之研究。A study on the self-directed English learning of primary students and its related factors in Macau)。澳門大學教育學院教育碩士論文

·       黄嘉穎Wong Ka Weng)(2007)。大學生自我調整學習與學業成就的關係(The relationship between self-regulation and academic achievement of college students)澳門大學教育學院教育碩士論文

·       陳艷芬(Chan Im Fan) (2007)澳門小學教師對教師專業角色知覺的認知、教師生涯滿意度與教師職業倦怠的相關研究(A correlational study among teachers perception in professional role, career satisfaction and burnout of primary school teachers in Macao)澳門大學教育學院教育碩士論文

·       王錦琨Wong Kam Kuan)(2007)。澳門中學生社會經濟地位與學業成就差異之相關研究(A correlational study between social economic status and academic performance for secondary school students in Macao)澳門大學教育學院教育碩士論文

·       王祖顯(Wong Chou Hin)2006)。澳門中學生客觀及主觀社會經濟地位量表研究(A study on the objective and subjective social economic status of secondary school students in Macao)澳門大學教育學院教育碩士論文

·       鄭靜雯(Cheang Cheng Man)2005)。提升澳門中重讀生升班率的行動研究 - 以澳門某一中學為例(To increase the promotion rate for form one repeaters in a School in Macao - An action research澳門大學教育學院教育碩士論文

·       黃艷梅(Wong Im Mui)2004)。澳門初中學生數學態度及其相關因素之研究(A Research on Mathematical Attitude and Related Factors for Junior Secondary Students in Macao.)澳門大學教育學院教育碩士論文

·       穎虹(Ieong Weng Hong)2004)。澳門中學活動課程探索研究(An Exploratory Study of th Activity Curriculum for Secondary Schools in Macao)澳門大學教育學院教育碩士論文

·       蕭美歡(Sio Mei Fun)2004)。在澳門初中推行中文傳意寫作的探索性研究(An Exploratory Study of Chinese Communicative Writing in Junior Secondary Schools in Macao)澳門大學教育學院教育碩士論文

·       劉愷(Lao Hoi Sun)2004)。探討高小學生學習態度與學業成就的關係(An investigation on the Relation between Learning Attitude and Academic achievement for Primary Students)澳門大學教育學院教育碩士論文

·       黃小英(Wong Sio Ieng)2003)。生涯發展輔導課程對小六學生生涯成熟及職業自我概念之效果研究(The Effect of " Career Development Counseling Course" on the Sixth Grade Students' Career Maturity and Vocational Self-concept)澳門大學教育學院教育碩士論文

·       李雪屏(Lei Sut Peng)2003澳門護士對繼續教育課程的期望(The Expectations of Nurses in Continuing Education Programs in Macao) 澳門大學教育學院教育碩士論文

·       伍助志(Jorge Un Se)2003 澳門高中課程組別與學生學習過程、學業成績之相關研究(The inter-relationship between Learning Process, Academic Results and Study Streams in a Macao secondary school) 澳門大學教育學院教育碩士論文

·       陳艷華(Chan Im Wa)2002)。澳門初中學生自我尊重的狀況剖析及其相關研究(A Study of Self Esteem and Its Corresponding Factors for Junior Secondary School Students in Macao)澳門大學教育學院教育碩士論文





Supplementary Chairperson of Selection Committee for Invited Tender for Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Water Dispensers with Filter for Hengqin Campus

2013 Jan to July

University Affairs Coordination Committee

2013 Jan to July

Acting Director, Office of Sports Affairs

2012 – now    

Senate member

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Director Centre for Continuing Education

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Academic Quality Assurance Committee

2012 Sept

CTLE Task Force on UM E-Learning Strategic Plan

2012 Sept

Member of recruitment panel of Director of Office of Sports Affairs, University of Macau

2012 Sept

Selection Committee of the Open Tender for Outsourcing the Clinical Services in the Existing Campus


External member of recruitment panel of Associate Professor in Accounting, Department of Accounting, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau  (1 interview & 1 meeting)


Member, Selection Committee of the Open Tender for Outsourcing the Clinical Services in Hengqin Campus


Supplementary member, Selection Committee of public tender - Integrated Facility Management Service of Staff Quarters on Hengqin campus


Member, Hengqin Food Outlet Tender Evaluation Committee

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Chair, Sports Committee, University of Macau

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Member, Campus Outlet User Committee

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Campus Outlet User Committee

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Member of the Library Committee, University of Macau


Task Force, Faculty Review, Faculty of Education, University of Macau


Organizer and chair, Seminar on “Globalization, internationalization, and Multinationalization in Higher Education" 21st Oct., 2011,  Faculty of Education, University of Macau. Speaker Prof. Philip G. Altbach, Director of the Center for International Higher Education in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College

2011 April     

External member of recruitment panel of Assistant Professor in Accounting, Department of Finance, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau. (2 interviews & 1 meeting)

2011 March to May

External member of recruitment panel of “Teaching” Assistant Professor in Psychology, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanity, University of Macau. (3 interviews & 2 meeting)


Member, Planning Committee, BSc in Accounting with Information System, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau

2009 June     

External member of Planning Committee of the M.Sc. in Accounting. Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau

2009 May to June 

External member of recruitment panel of Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanity, University of Macau. (3 interviews & 1 meeting)

2009 June        

Collection of higher education statistics. With Prof C. W. Cheng Mr P. L. Fong

2009 May        

External member of recruitment panel of Assistant Professor in Psychology. Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanity, University of Macau. (2 interviews & 1 meeting)

2009 April to May   

External member of recruitment panel of Assistant Professor in Finance, Department of Finance, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau. (5 interviews & 1 meeting)

2008, Oct 31       

External Member, promotion panel of Dr Teresa Chu from Lecturer to Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau.

2007 – 2008       

Statistical Analysis of Teaching Evaluation for Faculty of Education, University of Macau


Member, Validation Panel, Bachelor of Science in Finance Program of Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau


External member of recruitment panel of Assistant Professor in Accounting in Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau.  (2 interviews &1 meeting)


Statistical Consultancy.  Music preference of tertiary students in Macau. Journal article submitted by Dr Viny Hui, Faculty of Education, University of Macau


External member of recruitment panel of Assistant Professor in Gaming Management in Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau

2003 – 2007       

Senate member

2000 - 2006

Member of the University Research Committee, University of Macau


Secretary of promotion committee for the Promotion of Prof Cheung Kwok Cheung from Associate Professor to Full Professor


Item reviewer of 2006 PISA items

2000 - 2005      

Director of the Educational Research Centre, Faculty of Education, University of Macau

2001, 2002 and 2003

Organizer of Annual Conference for Faculty of Education, University of Macau

2000 – 2001

Co-ordinator of the Professional Development Unit, Faculty of Education, University of Macau