Committee on Gender Equity

The Committee on Gender Equity (CGE) was established in Mar 2015 to oversee the efforts in the University to advance gender equity. Chaired by the Vice -Rector (Student Affairs) who reports to the Rector, the CGE is composed of representatives of academic staff, administrative staff and students.

Prof . Haydn Hai-Dung Chen, Vice Rector (Student Affairs)
Ex-officio Member
Gender equity officer - Prof. Mok Seng Peng (Greta), FST
Academic staff representatives - Prof. Carlos Jorge Ferreira Silvestre, FST
- Prof. Lei Lai Cheng, Victoria, FAH
Student representatives - Ms. Li Xingxing, UMPA
- Mr. Leong Chi Fong, UMSU
Administrative staff representatives - Ms. Chu Yun Pik, SAO
- Mr. Song Kit Io, RTO
Secretarial support
- Representative from Human Resources Section of Office of Administration

Terms of Reference:
 To promote gender equity in the University by way of publicity, education or any other means;
 To monitor the situation of gender equity in the University and assist in the investigation and handling of
     complaints when necessary;
 To devise, review and modify the guidelines, for handling the gender equity issues or any other related
 To assist in instituting and implementing the University’s gender equity initiatives.